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  • Spring is in full bloom and it's time to go camping again. Taking your kids camping can help them gain insight, enhance their hands-on skills, and do wonders for their understanding of the world and life. Knowledgeable parents can help their children develop an interest in the natural sciences, and perhaps a geographer, biologist, or astronomer will emerge from the children who go camping regularly. So what equipment do you need to bring on a family camping trip? What are the precautions for family outdoor camping?


  • Disaster relief tent is a tent for disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency medical treatment, temporary school buildings, transit storage of disaster relief supplies and personnel accommodation. Disaster relief tent has home, medical, military three different specifications, size and performance is also different. Disaster relief tent quality is better, the price is also more expensive. Disaster relief tent touch larger, more complex to build, more people need to cooperate, disaster relief team members also created a special recipe to remember, let's take a look below!


  • Car roof tent, also known as the roof of the car home, with the rise of domestic car ownership, self-driving tour gradually warmed up, the roof tent is one of the optional equipment for outdoor self-drive tour, generally have a roof rack can be installed on the car. Roof tent is divided into two kinds of soft-top manual and hard-top automatic, the advantage is not limited by the trip, enjoy the charm of nature, save space, the disadvantage is to increase fuel consumption and expensive, in general, the roof tent is more practical, the installation needs to consider the load-bearing capacity, hands-on ability and related functions. Here is a detailed introduction.


  • Pitching a tent is one of the necessary skills for outdoor camping enthusiasts, many friends may be curious about how to pitch a tent, in fact, it is very easy to pitch a tent, first choose a good camp, take out the tent accessories to determine a good, the tent pole into the tent docking good, insert the bottom corner, and finally hang the outside account on it, different types of tents pitching method has some differences. There are certain skills to pitch the tent, try to pitch on the flat ground, inventory good tools. Tent pitching also need to pay attention to the wind, build a good drainage ditch and field toilets and other matters. Here is a look at the relevant knowledge.


  • Folding tent, also called advertising tent, awning, is one of the more common sun and rain protection tools, can be used in outdoor exhibitions and product promotion activities, easy to operate, easy to install, with simple and lightweight, fast and durable, easy to carry, long service life and other characteristics. Folding tent is very easy to open and put away, the tent corner of the spring buckle buckle or unfastened to facilitate the use. When using the tent also need to pay attention to the light take and hydroxyl put, to avoid scratching the tent and other matters. Here's a look at the folding tent it!


  • When we are immersed in the happiness of camping, in fact, this kind of beauty is happening in every piece of land around the world. After the end of the epidemic, the camping boom has successfully swept the world, and "camping" has already become the keyword of the year in 2023 in advance, becoming one of the global "top streams". One of the "top streams"


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