Industry News

  • At 22:07 on July 10th, Beijing time, after a 12-hour flight, MU7101 flight, the first round-trip charter flight from Ningbo, finally arrived in Budapest, Hungary.


  • Since this year, in the face of the complicated and severe situation brought by the spread of the epidemic in local and many places across the country, ningbo port management departments have taken multiple measures to deepen reform on the basis of thorough and detailed epidemic prevention and control, providing an effective guarantee for the promotion of cross-border trade at ports, unimpeded global supply chain and stable logistics cycle.


  • Ningbo customs actively carry out a new round of cross-border trade facilitation initiative in 2022, has continued to improve the overall port customs clearance efficiency, effectively promote the regional economic integration, and vigorously support the development of new formats, can actively guide enterprise credit assignment, optimizing enterprise service system in five aspects of 18 detailed measures to help alleviate the difficult solution, to promote foreign trade enterprises in ningbo foreign trade development


  • The Berlin Convention and Exhibition Center in Berlin, Germany, on May 12, 2008. Yuan Fang (pseudonym), a foreign trader in Ningbo, turned on the computer screen and, under the introduction of the local translator, communicated with the German merchants standing in the company's booth in real time "screen to screen". An exhibition down, she obtained nearly 30 merchants inquiry.


  • "The most prominent feature of the 20 new measures issued by Ningbo customs is' fast ', opening a' green channel 'for customs clearance of key enterprises, key materials and important raw materials, implementing' daily online 'of machine inspection and inspection, and implementing paperless export customs transfer and automatic write off. I believe these measures can help our enterprises further reduce costs, improve the efficiency of import and export customs clearance of goods, and help boost Ningbo's foreign trade." Said Mao Lingyun, deputy general manager of Ningbo Sinotrans Co., Ltd.


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