Umbrella Base Stands

Umbrella Base Stands

  A great outdoor furniture accessory, an classy umbrella base works well to support outdoor patio umbrella while need cool down and stay protected. Welcome to YMOUTDOOR® manufacturer order online and choose among a wide variety of sturdy and fashion heavy-duty umbrella bases for sale at affordable wholesale price, And you can customize the type of umbrella holder you want.Excellent service and technical support. Whether it is for patio, garden, or trip to the beach, these bases will become an essential part of outdoor kit. Each umbrella base has a different design and is freestanding. Made of plastic, resin, steel, or cast-iron with a bronze finish, these customized umbrella bases are sturdy and long-lasting. The variety of bases at YMOUTDOOR® will meet all  high quality outdoor umbrella needs and keep well protected at the same time. Ensure that classy the patio umbrellas stay firmly in place with fashion the umbrella base, and keep it water-filled or sand-filled for weight to keep it firmly on the ground. It will keep classy outdoor umbrella in place even on really windy days.  Can put them in place and forget about them. Browse through YMOUTDOOR®  a large collection of advancede umbrella bases and find your the perfect pick.

Can sit by the pool and sip lemonade, or just enjoy the sun without a worry in your mind. When it comes time to take a break from the sun, though, need a classy patio umbrella to create ample shade. While there are many components of a quality patio umbrella, few are more important than the stand and base. Browse the extensive selection of quality patio umbrella stands and bases on YMOUTDOOR® to create stability and complement the overall look and feel.  

     What kind of material should I choose for my classy patio umbrella stand or umbrella base?

Some of our customized patio umbrella stands and bases are made of resin, while others are created from concrete or rock material.  Should choose a fashion patio umbrella stand or base that best complements patio furniture and its surrounding environment.  Should also consider climate -- if live in an area that is windy or prone to bad weather, might want to get a heavier base so that it won't topple over. 

Does the color of the high quality patio umbrella stand or base matter?
   A lso,When it comes to choosing fashionpatio umbrella stands and bases, color is important for matching the outdoor decor of your patio to the color of the stand or base.

What are the benefits of Purchasing decorative classy umbrella holders from YMOUTDOOR®?
   Purchasing a high quality patio umbrella stand or base on YMOUTDOOR®  ensures you are receiving only the finest quality product, and are backed by the YMOUTDOOR® guarantee of excellence.
Whether you have a standard umbrella patio system or one that features a vibrant or unique color, you'll find a patio umbrella stand or base to meet your needs. When it comes to high quality patio umbrella stands and bases, YMOUTDOOR® manufacturer has you covered!

What to consider when purchasing high quality patio umbrella stands and umbrella holders?
     Customers frequently take into account color/finish.  Some shoppers look at pole diameter, function, price, features, special offers, customer rating, and base diameter. Positive product reviews in the classy patio umbrella stands and bases category, among other aspects, speak of "excellent quality", "great price", "strong breeze", "perfect weight", "great value", "perfect size", and "perfect color".
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At YMOUTDOOR® , we try to make sure you always have many options for your outdoor pace.  

Choosing the Right advancede Umbrella Stand

   Outdoor umbrella stand should weigh?

  Optimal umbrella stand, or umbrella base, weights depend on the size of umbrella. If have a large umbrella, or if the umbrella will be used in high-traffic commercial applications, or if will be using the umbrella in a high-wind area, we say the heavier the umbrella stand the better. The general rule is, the larger the umbrella, the heavier your stand needs to be. A good way to determine the minimum weight for your umbrella stand is to multiply the width of your umbrella canopy by 10.
   For example, for a 7.5' umbrella we recommend using a 75 lb. umbrella stand; a 9' umbrella will require at least an 90 lb. umbrella stand.

Can the umbrella pole be stuffed into the base?

   Umbrella stand should meet or exceed the size of outdoor umbrella's pole.high quality patio umbrella stands come in a variety of "neck" or "sleeve" diameters. When selecting an appropriate umbrella stand, need to know the exact diameter of your umbrella's center pole. Umbrella stand neck or sleeve diameters slightly larger than the diameter of the umbrella pole are capable of supporting smaller umbrella poles. Umbrella Source offers several umbrella stands to choose from to fit patio umbrella pole perfectly.

Do I need to install the umbrella stand?

 Depending on the application or the size of your umbrella, a mounted patio umbrella stand may be a more suitable option. Mounted umbrella stands provide heavy-duty support and stability for your umbrella, no matter the canopy size. Umbrella stands can be mounted two ways: in-ground or surface mount.

Surface mount stands are ideal for securing large umbrellas, as well as umbrellas in substantial wind or high traffic areas. Surface mount umbrella stands are semi-permanent, making them a great option for heavy-duty support with optional removal. Surface mount stands feature pre-drilled holes that allow for easy setup on wooden decks or concrete slabs. For deck mounts, these stands are bolted through the wood and are typically secured by a base plate underneath the deck surface. In concrete slab applications, the stand is bolted directly into the concrete.

The in-ground mount umbrella stand offers a permanent solution for securing patio umbrella. In-ground stands provide a stable base for any application that may require heavy-duty support. These umbrella stands require a concrete footing installation to anchor the stand in place.

The supportive sleeves on both surface and in-ground mount umbrella stands can be removed and replaced with a base plate. This provides a safe, flush surface when umbrella is not in use.

Do I need to increase the weight of the umbrella stand?

Some umbrella stands must be filled.

Depending on the umbrella stand selected, additional weight may be required. Some of YMOUTDOOR® patio umbrella stands are empty shells that need to be filled with concrete, gravel, or sand. While pre-filled umbrella stands are convenient options, they cost more in shipping due to their heavy weight. Umbrella stand shells are lightweight, thus providing a less expensive alternative. Filling an umbrella stand shell is relatively easy. 


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  • The perfect solution for weighing down the cross base of an offset patio umbrella . YMOUTDOOR manufacturer the base plate weights are sold in a set of 4pcs with Factory Price, so you can choose to use all 4 or use one on each side. 4PCS Fan Shaped Umbrella Base Stand each weight features durable plastic construction with an easy-fill spout so each base weight can be with 43.75 lbs of water or 50 lbs of sand. YMOUTDOOR the water sand base is heavy enough to stand up to severe wind and weather, and the rust-proof coating will keep your deck or patio clean and stain-free. We can accept custom order to meet your purchasing requirements.

  • Instantly add shade to any outdoor setting with this universal umbrella base by YMOUTDOOR, the world’s leading ready-to-assemble outdoor manufacturer. This classical umbrella base constructed of solid cement and powder-coated steel combines beauty and function with Factory Price, which is durable enough to fully support your patio umbrellas. Perfect for your outdoor lounge chairs or seating areas. 17'' Round Concrete Patio Umbrella Base black leather-like finish is certain to go with almost all setting styles, such as patios, backyards, gardens, decks, poolsides, etc.

  • An outdoor patio base stand is necessary for your purchased patio umbrella! YMOUTDOOR manufacturer 19" 30lbs Patio Market Umbrella Base is wear-resistant and durable, capable of long-term usage for sale at affordable price, excellent service and technical support. The base is normally used to settle our patio cantilever umbrellas and keep a good balance while in use. All-weather coating again expands the lifespan of this patio umbrella base. Wide compatibility upgrades the flexibility of the base, this patio umbrella base stands as a compatible pole.

  • Create a strong foundation for shady backyard oasis a with this outdoor umbrella base from YMOUTDOOR manufacturer. This 18" Circle Weave Round Patio Umbrella Base will not only be a durable foundation for your umbrella but it will add style to your deck, patio, or backyard with Factory Price. Featuring a circle weave design around the round base that has a flattering appearance. This umbrella base includes interchangeable sizing inserts and an adjustable tightening knob to fit most umbrellas.

  • Create a shaded oasis on your patio with this YMOUTDOOR manufacturer functional half umbrella base with Factory Price. Made of durable and rust-free resin stone, it is strong enough to stand up all elements and suitable for most umbrellas. 20" Half Round Patio Umbrella Base Featuring a half-circle silhouette, the weighted base is great for use on narrow decks, balconies or patios as the flat edge allows it to be placed flush against a wall or railing. The elegant marble pattern design in black finish makes it a perfect addition to any outdoor decor. No need to full-fill with water or sand makes it convenient to use and maintain, carry and storage. Enjoy your personal leisure time in the cool shade flawlessly with this necessary base!

  • Set the foundation for a shady space in your yard with YMOUTDOOR manufacturer freestanding umbrella base, an ideal anchor for an patio umbrella of your choice with Factory Price. 18" 20-lbs Round Umbrella Base Stand crafted from poly resin, it features an adjustable tightening knob and interchangeable sizing inserts for your convenience. Awash in an understated neutral finish that blends with a variety of color schemes, it boasts woven details that complete its durable design with a touch of texture.

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