Outdoor Fencings

Outdoor Fencings

Design Your Customized Fence With YMOUTDOOR®.

Of all ages,a fence is a great way to mark boundaries and add privacy on your property. 

At YMOUTDOOR, we have everything you need for both permanent and temporary high quality fencing — Customized services are available in materials to suit any taste and at prices for any budget.

We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.

Wood Fencing

Classy, natural wood fence panels are a great choice for home use. For a rustic look, consider a split-rail fence with wood fence posts. 

Or define boundaries by arranging wood fence pickets with space in between to create a fence that allows you to maintain the view from your yard. 

And,consider a wooden gate to match your fence and create a clear point of entry to your property.

Wood is less expensive than other high quality fencing materials such as vinyl or composite. 

And, it requires more maintenance, as it’s vulnerable to damage from rot, insects and moisture. Some types of wood are more durable for fencing than others. 

Such as,redwood and cedar can withstand decay and insects well. Pressure treated pine and spruce fencing materials also resist rot and insect damage. 

Wood grade is an indicator of a wood’s durability and imperfections, both of which affect price. 

We have high quality material suppliers to provide us with more advantageous materials on the market.

Please consult with us to select the wood grade for the fence material before you procurement purchase.

Metal Fencing 

In order to improve the quality to attract customers, consider metal fencing. For example, decorative metal fences can add an artistic touch to your property.

Usual,Metal fences come in three varieties: iron, steel and aluminum. 

Iron fashion fences are incredibly durable and can endure strong weather because they’re typically powder coated.

This kind of fencing may require regular maintenance like touch-up painting. 

Steel fences and gates are created from an iron and carbon alloy. 

Aluminum gates are lighter and easier to install than iron or steel gates. 

The panels fit together well, resist weather damage and require no additional treatment. 

When combined with metal fence posts, metal fence panels create a durable and stylish border.But it price will be higher

Chain Link Fencing

Even though it's made of metal, chain link fences are generally considered a separate category from other kinds of customized metal fences

They’re available in traditional link-and-post form, as well as link-and-panel models. 

Matching chain link fence gates provide entry and exit points. chain link fabric drapes over the fashion fencing and the slats create an interlocking grid, making a clear boundary and offering some privacy at a price lower than other fence types. 

Wind can move through chain link fences, which minimizes potential damage. 

The fabric is available in many colors and materials .

We can ODM and OEM ,including traditional silver, brown or green — and makes a great addition to your landscape.

Composite Fencing

Made of recycled wood and plastic, composite fashion fencing offers the look of wood without the required upkeep. 

Composite fencing is easy to assemble and allows you to build a beautiful, durable fence that resists fading, rotting, warping, splintering and insect damage.

Vinyl Fencing

Like other types of fencing, a vinyl fence defines boundaries and creates privacy. 

Vinyl is also lightweight, relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. It won’t rot or rust. Just wash it as needed. 

There’s no need to paint or stain a vinyl fence, create a solid border with vinyl fence panels between vinyl fence posts. 

At YMOUTDOOR®,  have all the materials you need for fence installation and upkeep, including driveway gates and gate openers, paint sprayers, fence stretchers, hog-ring pliers, hardware and more outdoor futniture

Or Customized an independent installer to help with your fencing project.


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      We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.

How to inquire to YMOUTDOOR® for a quote of outdoor fencing?

YMOUTDOOR® is ready to provide our best quality outdoor furniture to all customers around the world.

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