Camping Tents

Camping tents

 At YMOUTDOOR® manufacturer want to make sure you purchase the best outdoor furniture goods when you shop online.

 Here at YMOUTDOOR® we provide explorers of young and old with the greatest equipment for their adventure, and tents are no exception! 

YMOUTDOOR manufacturer are committed to offering YMOUTDOOR® customers with the best range of tents for purchase for sale at affordable price, excellent service and technical support .


Key considerations for purchasing wholesale camping tents:

Built for memorable moments and quaint campsites, a smaller pop-up or easy-pitch tent is perfect!

If groups a little greater in size, then take over the grassy terrain in anything from a 5-man tent to a huge 10-man tent! Opt for a traditional pole tent or a contemporary Tepee Tent or even an Inflatable Tent option!

If solo pursuits are more style, then backpacking tents and lightweight tents . These one-man tents and two-man tents are super functional in both geodesic and tunnel shaped designs. 

Whether craving a campsite under pitching atop a peak YMOUTDOOR®'ve got a huge collection of tents for purchasing , just for you. 

TYPE:Cabin Tents,Dome Tents,pop-up Tents,beach Tents,truck & Car TentsTent Cots.

PEAK HEIGHT- When camping for one that’s tall enough to stand and move around in. Tents with high peaks and near vertical walls have the most usable space, but they also have more problems in windy conditions. Be sure to use the appropriate stakes and guylines to help support larger tents and avoid issues.

VENTILATION- Have a good ventilation is important for controlling internal condensation. Look for tents designed with adequate roof vents that allow fresh air to circulate, rain or shine. It’s not much fun being cooped up in a muggy tent without vents when the weather turns foul. Some tents have zippers that allow you to access top vents with kickstands from the interior of the tent, which comes in handy in tents with high roofs that are hard to reach on the outside. Be sure to stake out the sides of your rainnly for better air circulation. 

NUMBER OF DOORS Being able to enter, exit, and access gear in the vestibules without disturbing each other makes camping trips far more enjoyable. Adequate doorway and vestibule space are key when it’s rainy and everyone wants to clamber into the tent and get out of their wet or dirty clothes as quickly as possible.

VESTIBULES AND AWNINGS - Usually,vestibules are covered areas meant for protecting and storing gear or shoes outside of your tent. If plan to camp in places where it rains often, make sure tent has one or more good vestibules, so won’t have to bring wet or muddy gear inside your sleeping area. Some vestibules can also be converted into awnings for shade using pole accessories (not included). Some campers bring a separate shade or screen house that can be set up centrally, away from their tent, while others prefer to use an awning directly attached to their tent like a porch.

EASE OF SETUP - As everyone knows,setting up any tent for the first time can be challenging, but it gets easier with practice. Many tents are designed to be intuitive and quick to pitch with color-coding, buckle clips, and simple directions.


SIZE:  When want to fit three people inside, then look for a three-person tent. For example, if are solo backpacking and will be storing most of gear inside the tent,will be more comfortable with the extra space of a two-person backpacking tent. 

USE CASE : Fashion Camping tents can generally be divided into models meant for car camping and those meant for backpacking. Customized Car-camping tents are often made from thicker (therefore heavier) fabric and frame materials, and their designs, when packed down, are often bulkier. These tents are meant to be used at campsites where can either drive in or hike in just a short distance from a parking spot. Backpacking models are designed with lighter, thinner fabrics and frame materials, and they pack down small enough to fit into a backpack so they can be carried on foot over long distances.

SEASONS: Many tents will be labeled or listed as three-season tents, meaning they are intended for use during the spring, summer, and fall. 

WEIGHT: A tent is often one of the heaviest items in a classy backpacking load out, and over time,  can start to feel the impact of those extra ounces as mileage grows, which is why it’s a focal point for many backpackers. Weight is less of a concern for car campers since won’t have to transport your shelter a long distance. 

Season Tent:

3-Season Tents - 3-Season tents are the most common type of tent and are typically meant to be used during the summer months when the weather is fair. 3-Season tents tend to have good ventilation and will protect you from rain and insects, but they may not be robust enough to withstand storms with heavy rain or high winds. 

3-4 Season Tents - Have some fashion 3-season tents can be used from early spring through late fall. They’re designed with more weather protection in mind and seek to offer a balance of ventilation, strength, and heat retention. These tents are often dome-shaped to shed rain and light snow with slightly more robust poles to give the structure rigidity to withstand winds. The rain fly will usually be more full-coverage and extend almost to ground with one or more vestibules to keep gear and shoes dry. 

4-Season Tents - Usually,4-season tents are best for those who plan to camp in snow and inclement weather, but they’re overkill for most 3-season car campers since they’re generally much more heavy and bulky. They tend to have lower-profiles and are more dome-shaped to shed snow and high winds. One downside to classy 4-season tents is that they have a lot less ventilation, which can make the living area too warm and stuffy in summer conditions.Customized 4-season tents are best reserved for winter camping or extended trips in heavy rains when it’s crucial to have a warm, safe shelter.

Double Layer Backpacking Hiking Tent


You can choose any color you'd like from Pantone. For outdoor products,the most important thing is that they should be conspicuous. At YMOUTDOOR®, we can do that for you. You can also contact our outdoor experts if you already have an idea about what color you will use for your customized outdoor products.  

Double Layer Backpacking Hiking Tent


Geometric patterns like strips, circles and grid are avaliable at YMOUTDOOR®. These patterns are for decoration purposes and will help you distinguish your products from your rivals'. Interesting patterns could be a visual enticement that draw the customers in to take a look at your outdoor products.

Double Layer Backpacking Hiking Tent

Fabrics and Functions:

YMOUTDOOR® has the ability to provide fabrics such as Oxford cloth, polyester, silicone, etc. Functionally, it can achieve waterproof, UV protection and tear resistance through PE, PU, PTFE, silicone resin coating and other methods. If required, we can also achieve flame retardant effect.

Double Layer Backpacking Hiking Tent


Choice of various accessories,make your products stand out from your competitors.Influence your customers’ buying habits with YMOUTDOOR® customized label & Hangtag for our products. Tags provide useful information such as the material used,carrying capacity, and how it complies with global standards.Apart from product info, our designers can also add your branding logo, name, and messages to your custom labels.

Double Layer Backpacking Hiking Tent


We are capable of making rubber, embroidery, and silk printing logo. Every kind of method has its distinctive features.Print a logo on your outdoor products to represent your company's personality and brand.


Ningbo Yingmin Imp.& Exp.Co., are professional manufacturer of durable outdoor products such as hammock standhammocksswing chairpatio umbrellafolding chairchair stand,camping equipment and so on made in china suppliers. We have experienced design and develop team, and we are good at making customized product, we worked with famous brand ENO and made several products successfully,those product are still most popular in the market since we made them.

We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.

How to inquire to YMOUTDOOR® for a quote of Camping tents ?

YMOUTDOOR® is ready to provide our best quality outdoor furniture to all customers around the world.

For 24 hours contact details as below:

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  • Are you an avid outdoorsman looking for the ultimate camping gear to add to your collection? Look no further than YMOUTDOOR's canvas camping yurt. Designed with your comfort in mind, this outdoor canvas bell tent is the perfect choice for all your camping needs.

  • The customizable double layer backpacking hiking tent is lightweight and durable enough for hiking on the trails. Originally designed as the ultimate tent for backcountry enthusiasts and outdoorsmen. This cycling tent has a starched mesh body, waterproof floor with taped seams and umbrella, double zippered doors, fiberglass poles and a compact carrying bag. This easy-to-pitch waterproof family tent has the right combination of features and simple operation for hiking, camping, boating and sheltering in the great outdoors.

  • This is an inflatable glamping tent for camping, small trips and beach activities.Inflatable tube instead of pole, using advanced air beam technology, this glamping inflatable camping tent comes with a manual pump that allows you to quickly inflate the waterproof air tent for 3 minutes.

  • Introducing our latest camping gear, the super-size beach tent sun shelter shade - designed to provide maximum shade to a large group of people. Made with upgraded 900D Oxford cloth, this beach cabana tent is both durable and long-lasting. Featuring a unique tulip-style design and without windows, the outdoor camping canopy shade tent offers multi-directional ventilation, ensuring that you stay cool while outdoors.

  • YMOUTDOOR® this the double-deck tow-door hydraulic automatic outdoor tent is hydraulically pneumatic.YMOUTDOOR® is a professional manufacturer and supplier of camping tent in China at factory with Factory wholesale Price. Camping Waterproof Automatic 3 Person Tent has a fully automatic hydraulic support mounted on the top, so you can easy to set up or pack up it. 180t sliver coating enhances the waterproofing. What's most important, the net prevents mosquitoes from entering. Lightweight makes the tent easy to carry on. An automatic tent brings you a more convenient camping experience. It's a good choice for camping, traveling and hiking.YMOUTDOOR® look forward to being your long term partner.

  • Enjoy YMOUTDOOR® manufacturer this camping beach tent happy! YMOUTDOOR® is a professional manufacturer and supplier of camping tent in China.Outdoor Single Layer Camping Tent is made of 180T silver-coated polyester, which is breathable, tear-resistant, and UV-proof. Meanwhile, the floor uses strong and waterproof nylon oxford. Glass fiber poles feature high-strength while remaining lightweight. And it can be packed into the included portable bag for ease of transportation for sale at affordable price, excellent service and technical support.For weekend camping or outdoor adventures, this tent is definitely a great choice. YMOUTDOOR® look forward to being your long term partner.

Latest selling Camping Tents is not only newest and advanced, but also durable and easy-maintainable. Yingmin Outdoor is a professional China Camping Tents manufacturer and supplier and we have our own brands. Our high quality Camping Tents is not only cheap, but also have classy, fashion and fancy designs. If you need a lot, you can wholesale product from our factory.
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