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  • The time has come to create a higher level, higher level of the hub-type free trade zone.   In order to implement the provincial party committee to build three free trade zones in Zhejiang (oil and gas free trade zone, digital free trade zone, hub free trade zone) of the decision, recently, the municipal government issued the "China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone Ningbo area construction" hub free trade zone "action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "action plan").


  • In addition to the expansion of the existing Fenghua station on the coastal railway, the Ningbo section of Jinyong Railway will also build a new Xikou station. This is the second railway passenger station in Fenghua and the eighth in our city. Where is the new railway Xikou station located? How far is it from Fenghua Xikou and scenic spot? How is construction going now? With these problems, the reporter visited the scene yesterday.


  • On August 23, with the announcement of the first batch of project evaluation results of 2021 annual China Port Association Green Port grade evaluation, Zhejiang Port Group and Ningbo Beilun First Container Terminal Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group, won the title of "four-star green port".


  • On August 23, during the End of Heat, the high temperature continued in Yongcheng. In a ship repair factory in Fenghua Ulchun Lake, reporters saw that workers were braving the scorching heat to do the "beauty" work such as derusting, painting and maintenance of fishing boats, preparing for the next round of fishing work.


  • Hot summer, Ningbo thunder bursts in the evening, the sky even appeared dark clouds, waiting for a sound and dripping thundershower can drop the temperature, did not expect the circle of friends turned into a "color cloud competition" : some users sigh "waiting for a lonely"; Some netizens simply recorded a colorful cloud in various forms of beauty; Some netizens noted that it is already "the end of summer", as the End of Heat will soon begin on August 23, which means autumn is coming in meteorological terms.


  • In the evening, the lights break the silence of the night. The Ningbo International Conference Center project, which was built by China Construction 8th Bureau, held a lighting ceremony at the Dongqian Lake recently.