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Lantern Festival│The moon is full on the night, reflecting the joy of the world

Lantern Festival, the most earthly fireworks

Enjoying lanterns, guessing lantern puzzles, eating dumplings and setting off fireworks

The weaving of visitors stringing together the lights of thousands of families

With the joyfulness that is full of expectation

With the full moon over the night, we wish

"The east wind releases a thousand trees at night.

The stars blow down like rain. The road is filled with the fragrance of precious horses and carts."

The glorious night of flowering lanterns

Emotions surge in the blood

The bright fireworks illuminate the expectant faces

Sweet and fragrant dumplings bloom gently on the tongue

The strange lantern fans make the family think together

Although it is said that "the flowers are similar every year and the people are different every year"

But the happiness and success of the Lantern Festival

But the happiness and happiness of the Lantern Festival has changed over the centuries

It has maintained its original shape

"I have searched for him for thousands of years.

When I look back, the person is at the end of the light."

Perhaps the situation of life

is not always as beautiful as singing and dancing

Sometimes we try our best

but still can not get

Then you may want to stop for a while

Maybe there's someone waiting in the dark

There's a beautiful woman waiting
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