YMOUTDOOR® is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product design and development, production, warehousing, sales and distribution, and has its own export rights. The production and sales performance keep growing steadily, and the sales scale is at home and abroad. The company is an OEM and ODM foundry, producing outdoor brand products in Europe and the United States, because of the production of products of superior quality, and thus by many international top brands appreciate more and developed into the top outdoor products manufacturers in Europe and the United States, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the design and production of outdoor products, the company is the only supplier of the famous brand ENO hammock frame.



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History of spreader bar hammocks:
The first hammock was created in Central America around 1000 years ago, people in Mexico initially made hammocks of tree barks and gradually upgraded to fiber thread. Due to business trade, the hammock using was brought into warmer South America region like Brazill, all hammocks in ancient time didn’t have spreader bars, all in gathered end style, so non-spreader bar style is also called traditional style or Brazilian style.

Then, in the 15th century Columbus’s discovery of America, the Spanish first used hammocks on aboard to fit more crewmembers, as they are narrower and taking less space than beds. When hammocks were later introduced into Europe, the curved and sagging shape wasn’t accepted by European culture, so people added spreader bars into the hammock to keep it flat like a bed. From then on, the rest of us have the chance to enjoy this style of hammock for centuries to come.

Cotton Hammocks    

Most of our customized hammocks are made from cotton, a traditional fabric that was used by tribes of the rain forest to make the very first hammocks. So they're at home in moist conditions, but it's still not recommended that they are left outside permanently.

Polyester Hammocks

If you are looking for a fashion hammock that loves the rain then check out our Weatherproof hammocks, which stands for Extra Long Lasting Textile.Is a special mix of cotton and polyester that can be left outside in the rain and sun. It hardly fades, is extremely tear proof even after repeatedly getting wet. Despite these weather resistant properties, it's still snug and soft like cotton. 

Nylon Taffeta Hammocks

Nylon Taffeta Hammocks are naturally very strong and also very light. They make perfect hammocks for travelling but if you do decide to leave it out then it is somewhere in between a Cotton and hammock for endurance. 

It's also recommended that you hand wash your Customized hammock regularly as this will keep it in the best condition,all hammocks support OEM and ODM.


We Super fine point bed pattern for your choice, please consult our customer service.

1.How do I choose the right size Wholesale hammock?

Firstly measure the gap between the two fixing points and then ensure you select a hammock that has an end-to-end length that is lower. You can find this on each hammock in the specifications. You can then use our fixings to make up any shortfall as they are all adjustable. The easiest option is to suspend your hammock from one of our stands.

2.How do I hang my hammock?

You can hang a hammock in many different ways. The easiest way is to hang it on one of our stands, which are available in metal or wood. If you click on a hammock and scroll down, you will see the compatible stands for that              hammock.

1. Hammock head rope can not be wound or knotted

 2.The height of the two bindings should be equal to keep the hammock balanced, not high on one side and low on the other

3.Children use is the need to lay a protective mat to prevent injuries from falling, hammock and the ground safety height of 20-40cm

4.The posture of using the hammock can be sitting or lying, absolutely not standing in the hammock, that will be very dangerous. When lying flat in the hammock should be parallel to the hammock, do not tilt excessive, otherwise it is easy to throw out of the hammock.

If have trees in your garden you can hang it between two trees using our adjustable tree fixings. Alternatively you can hang it between posts or walls, using our wall fixings. 

3.How long will my hammock last?

Our hammock in the quality of strict control, fine workmanship, quality and quantity, each time before the goods will do prenatal testing, to ensure product quality, received the goods we have a month of quality assurance service, please rest assured to buy. 
How long it lasts largely depends on how well you care for it, but we have customers with products that have lasted over 10 years. Making sure to keep our hammocks clean and dry, always helps.

4.How far should a hammock hang off the ground?

This is really up to you, but you want to hang it so it is low enough for you to get into, so we recommend setting it around waist height from the ground. You also want to consider other people in your home that may want to use it. We recommend 120cm above ground level for the perfect set up.

5.Can a hammock get wet or be left outside?
You can leave all our hammocks outside and the occasional shower will not hurt them, providing they had time to fully dry. However, if they are continually wet or left out over damper periods, mould could form and this wil weaken the material. Some of our hammocks are made with more weatherproof material, so they are more resistant to rain and sun fade, allowing them to dry faster too.

6.How many people can a hammock hold?
We categorise our hammocks in sizes single, double or family. Since every person is different, you can see the weight capacity of each hammock on the product specifications. We do test the hammocks well beyond these weights, to allow for sudden movements, but always recommend you order based on the weight you intend to use in it.
Just remember when ordering a hammock and fixings/stand together, ensure the capacities are suitable for your use.

7.Why should I choose your hammocks?

 Ningbo Yingmin Imp.& Exp.Co., a China based outdoor living company established in 2017 out of the passion and love for creating unique hammocks and other outdoor furniture designs.Are professional manufacturer of durable outdoor products such as hammock standhammocksswing chairpatio umbrellaLounge Chairs, chair stand,camping equipment and so on made in china suppliers. We have experienced design and develop team, and we are good at making customized product, we worked with famous brand ENO and made several products successfully,those product are still most popular in the market since we made them.

We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.

How to inquire to YMOUTDOOR® for a quote of Hammocks?

YMOUTDOOR® is ready to provide our best quality Outdoor Furniture to all customers around the world.

For 24 hours contact details as below:
       Email: lee@nbyingmin.com  

QQ: 82564172

Tel: 0086-574-83080396

Wechat: +86-13736184144

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  • Enjoy your time laying in the comfortable hammock! YMOUTDOOR® this camping hammock can be used for may occasions, for example: Use it as to sleep in it, read books, play cell phone or computer. Use it as a swing, to enjoy the fun of swing, high and low, quick and slow. Use it as a picnic blanket, it can be laid on the grassland, and you can do whatever you want on it. Outdoor Lightweight Nylon Parachute Hammock is convenient to store & easy to carry, perfect for both indoor and outdoor Usage. The material of the hammock is strong, durable and has good air permeability; Moreover, the bag is attached to the hammock, making it more convenient for storage. The lightweight hammock is very easy to set up. Just tie one end to the Carabiner (which connects with one end of the hammock), and the other end of the rope to the trees by making a knot.

  • Enjoy your leisure time with your beloved one on this YMOUTDOOR manufacturer fashion hammock chair! Featuring unique style and 2seat design, 2 Person Macrame Swing Hammock Chair is a great mix of functionality and aesthetics. Plus, the sturdy steel frame and strong woven ropes endow the swing chair with high loading capacity of 330 lbs for sale at low price.Quality assurance, thus it's feel relieved for you and your friend or family to enjoy swinging together. Additionally, the super soft cushion, arched and breathable backrest provide you with ultimate comfort. Thanks to the foldable and lightweight design, it's labor-saving for you to carry it to your desired place. The installation can be finished in a breeze, and you can choose double-hook or single hook method as you like.

  • YMOUTDOOR® hanging tree tent China Manufacturer is made of 600D Oxford, so it has better wear resistance and tears resistance for sale at affordable price. The hanging tent has a 2 layer top design, which is more waterproof. Summer has arrived, quickly prepare a swing tent for the children to let them play to their heart's content.Used for Wide range of applications, indoor and outdoor.Hanging Tree Swing Tent will be your child's amusement park and the best choice for your weekend outdoor travel!

  • Spacious and inviting with a stylish open weave design, YMOUTDOOR® manufacturer hanging chair is perfect for a spot for relaxing. instead of its ultra comfort.YMOUTDOOR® is a professional manufacturer and supplier of bed swings outdoor furniture in China, sale at affordable wholesale price, excellent service and technical support, also acts as a nice decoration for house fitment. macrame swing is elevated enough to blend in with your existing decor while providing the perfect place to cozy up any season.Hanging Swing Tassels Hammock Chair is in delicate design integrating top-grade cotton canvas and meticulous treatment. It brings great softness, durability and comfort. It has strong strength for supporting your weight. It comes with two soft pillow for daily convenience. You will never regret if you buy this offer!YMOUTDOOR® look forward to being your long term partner.

  • YMOUTDOOR® This hammock swing chair has both fashion and practicality. YMOUTDOOR® is a professional manufacturer and supplier of outdoor hammock in China,with Factory wholesale Price. Our comfortable fabric and durable supporting bar bring you safe relaxation. You can take our swing chair to almost every place you like because This macrame hammock chair is chic enough that Portable Macrame Hanging Chair with Side Pocket makes a statement, but not so much so that it detracts from all the rest of your decor, thanks to its natural color. The fact that it looks like sitting on it feels like floating on a cloud is just a nice bonus.YMOUTDOOR® look forward to being your long term partner.

  • Hammock chair is essential for romantic and relaxing places such as gardens, lawns, courtyards, parks, lakeside, and sea-sides. At different times,YMOUTDOOR manufacturer rope hanging chair can provide you with a comfortable space for sale at affordable price, excellent service and technical support, and all you can do is enjoy this romantic and comfortable time. YMOUTDOOR Large Hanging Swing Hammock Chair seat comes with 2 soft pillows, with vibrant designs, and cotton cloth seats are more breathable. Let yourself enjoy a comfortable time.

Latest selling Hammocks made in China is not only newest and advanced, but also durable and easy-maintainable. Yingmin is a professional China Hammocks manufacturers and suppliers and we have our own brands. Our high quality Hammocks is not only cheap, but also have classy, fashion and fancy designs. If you need a lot, you can wholesale. Our products are in stock. In addition, We not only support customized services, but also provide price lists and quotations. You can buy discount products from our factory with confidence. We support both bulk and free samples. Welcome to buy our products with low price from us. Our products can meet a variety of applications, if necessary, you can communicate about the product online. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.