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  • 750.29 billion yuan -- On August 10, Ningbo handed over its foreign trade "report card" for the first seven months of this year. In terms of cumulative growth rate, in the first 7 months, the year-on-year growth rate was 13.3%, 2.9 percentage points higher than that of the whole country, among which the export accounted for 27 percent of the whole country. From the monthly point of view, the year-on-year growth in July was 21.4%, 4.8 percentage points higher than the national level, sending a positive signal of strong resilience and fast recovery of Ningbo's foreign trade.


  • Our second stop today is to visit manufacturers of inflatable furniture. With the rise of camping, people are increasingly interested in lightweight, easy-to-carry products.


  • Recently, we have been talking with customers constantly, and there are bottlenecks in product optimization. General Manager Li decided to spend a few days visiting bosses in the same industry, hoping to learn from them and learn their experience together. Today's first stop is a terrace furniture manufacturer.


  • The average one-way commute in Ningbo's downtown area last year took 31 minutes, the same as the previous year, making it an outstanding performance among "new first-tier" cities, according to the 2022 Commuting Monitoring Report of China's Major Cities jointly released by Baidu Map and several companies. As a city with more than 3 million cars, the "commuting happiness index" of Ningbo people is behind the city's "bus priority, green and low-carbon" concept of traffic control


  • Last night, Ningbo "foreign trade excellent product Hui beautiful walking street" the old Bund summer hi shopping festival activities held in the old Bund pedestrian street. By displaying and selling fine and famous products of foreign trade enterprises, combined with the cultural characteristics of the old Bund pedestrian Street, the activity brings wonderful entertainment experience for citizens at night. Accompanied by the sound of violin and folk singing from the city terrace, the reporter found that Ningbo Wilton baby safety technology Co., LTD., the booth before the crowd, three new child safety seats on display to attract many Bao dad Bao mom's eyes.


  • Today's market products are full of beautiful things in eyes, we not only want to create good quality, affordable goods, only continuous innovation to keep up with the needs of guests