Gardening Kneelers

Gardening Kneelers

Anyone who likes gardening knows that, pruning plants and bending over borders can take its toll on your knees.Thankfully, garden kneelers can provide much-needed support, comfort and relief on your joints, meaning you can work on hard or uneven surfaces for longer. YMOUTDOOR® as one of the professional outdoor furniture manufacturers and Made in China suppliers, we are strong strength Have advanced equipment and complete management. Also, we have own exporting license. YMOUTDOOR® focus on co-developing the design with our guests and have experienced design and develop team, and we are good at making customized product ,so we can provide you with the different types of garden kneelers  you want .

Types of garden kneeler

Kneeling Pad - these are lightweight padded mats that usually have a hanging hole or handle for ease of storage and transportation. Some have a single layer of cushioning, while others have multiple layers of different textured pads, including memory foam.

Knee pads - looking a little like Sport knee shin pads, these sit over the knees so that hands are free to carry tools and other garden equipment.

Garden seat - this is essentially a pillow kneeler attached to a frame. The frame acts as a handle to offer support for those who struggle to get up from kneeling. It also doubles up as a stool when flipped the other way, so you can comfortably tend to plants higher up too.

What are Garden Kneelers?
     If it is hard to bend over on the ground to weed, harvest strawberries, or perform other gardening tasks, a garden kneeler might be the perfect Help resolve problems. Why kneel in the garden to use garden knees?It helps lower the body to the ground and provides a cushioned site for your knees. YMOUTDOOR® many customized Types of garden kneelers to choose from, We can also customize the style you want,but the main purpose is the same. These can be lightweight, fold up Garden seat that provide a low seating space or flip over to offer a padded site for your knees. Best of all, the legs of the bench, when flipped over, double as handrails to help raise and lower from a kneeling position. Some types of garden kneelers offer accessory tools and holders to make gardening even more comfortable. Another great benefit to these products is that they can double as an extra seat around the campfire and so on。

How to remain comfortable when gardening work?
     Poor quality gardening tools or poorly maintained gardening tools may cause unnecessary strain,so, Invest in good quality tools if you have to use them more forcefully and store them in a cool, dry place, and keep them sharp.
Wear the right gloves for the gardening work: gloves not only keep your hands clean but they also protect against hardier foliage and thorns. 
Wear the right clothes: gardening is hard work, so you’ll want to wear light and airy clothing. 
When the sun is blazing, there’s nowhere any of us would rather be than outside. Don’t stay out in the sun for too long,But it’s important to take regular breaks, as too much sun exposure can cause fatigue or even sunstroke.


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