Camping Sleeping Bags

Camping Sleeping Bags

Wherever we travel, from national parks to forests to back porches, a customized camping sleeping bag is an essential piece of camping equipment. YMOUTDOOR® China manufacturer of outdoor furniture, we also produce a range of outdoor camping equipment and we have factory wholesale prices. We can customize the camping sleeping bag you want. 

Because space and weight are not important when we drive to our destination, comfort can be greatly enhanced. 

Camping Sleeping Bag Purchasing Advice:

  1. Sleeping bag shape:rectangle vs. mummy
  2. Temperature rating
  3. Down with synthetic insulation
  4. Price
  5. Weight and Packability
  6. Sleeping bag lining and comfort
  7. Zipper: 3 / 4 zipper, full zipper, no zipper
  8. Sleeping bag features
  9. Cross-country camping and backpacking sleeping bag
  10. Two sleeping bags
  11. Sleeping bags for kids
  12. Sleeping bag liner
  13. Do not forget to bring a mattress or pad

Safety category B for direct skin contact

Strictly in accordance with the production and testing of Class B standards to ensure the safety and comfort of the product. Let consumers use safer and more secure.

Sleeping bag shape: rectangular vs. mummy

 Camping sleeping bags fall into two broad categories:One is the fashion rectangular sleeping bag that provides enough room to roll around; the other is the streamlined mummy design. 

Most campers stick to the more spacious rectangular shape: these versatile bags can usually be zipped up completely from one side and the bottom and used as a large blanket for two people. 

There isn't any insulation covering your head, so plan your pajamas accordingly when we take them out of the summer comfort zone. Also, most rectangular bags are too heavy to pack small, so if are looking for an all-in-one option for camping and backpacking, we recommend choosing a mummy style bag.

      Mummy sleeping bags have the shoulders, hips and feet cut out and made to mimic the shape of your body. 

The advantage of having a tapered cutout is that there is very little extra room for cold spots to crawl in. 

By hooping your head with a high quality hood, you can really maximize the temperature rated potential. If you find yourself at higher elevations or lower temperatures, a mummy bag is a great option.

   Heat utilization design prevents heat loss.

Rectangular bags have a distinct advantage in terms of spaciousness.

     The last shape worth mentioning is the semi-rectangular bag, which, as the name suggests, has something in common with both rectangular and mummy designs. In terms of size, they are typically more spacious than standard mummy bags (especially at the shoulders and hips), but not as overly wide as some rectangular styles. All in all, semi-rectangular bags are usually both comfortable and lightweight, cutting out excess material while still providing plenty of room for the night.

Temperature rating
Let's get this straight right away:It's important not to treat fashion sleeping bag temperature ratings as hard facts. Unlike backpacks, which are mostly rated through a standardized process (EN rating system), most fashion camping bags are rated by a single manufacturer. 

Note: Temperature feeding independent test, insulation effect varies due to personal habits.

As a result, there are some major differences once they are used in the real world. One of these is due to the shape of many camping kits. A rectangular bag with a large opening at one end will not hold heat as well as a sealed mummy bag.

           Machine washable sleeping bags are easy to clean and quick to dry


In the end, temperature ratings are valuable and you should use them as a basic guideline. 

When choosing the appropriate approximate temperature, try to understand the coldest temperature you will experience at night. 

Once you have that number, it's a good idea to build a small buffer (we like an extra 10-15 degrees) to avoid the cold.

Remember, temperature levels are closer to survival levels than they are to comfort and warmth. 

Other factors to consider are your age - people usually don't sleep as warmly as they get older, and whether you sleep cold or warm. 

Most campers stick to the warmer months for outdoor adventures, so most of the sleeping bags on this list are between 25 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

     Camping sleeping bags (EN rating)
     EN ratings are helpful for comparing sleeping bags, if available

Down with synthetic insulation

     There are two types of insulation for fashion camping sleeping bags:one is synthetic synthetic fiber and the other is down insulation made from duck or goose feathers. Down offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio, as well as excellent packability, which is why it is highly regarded as a backpacking sleeping bag. However, for camping bags, weight and compact fill size are usually not major considerations. In addition, down insulation is much more expensive than synthetic insulation.

      Synthetic insulation dominates in camping sleeping bags because of its affordability and practicality. For camping, the compromise of choosing an inexpensive fill type is relatively minimal. With a car or camper to transport all your gear, the larger fill size and extra weight is much smaller than when your sleeping bag has to be stuffed into a backpack and carried on your back. If the insulation gets wet, the synthetic material will continue to keep you warm, unlike down feathers.

     The easy way to camp is to drive (or walk a short distance) to a campground. Expensive sleeping bags deliver softer lining and shell fabrics and lighter overall weight, which is worth it for some frequent campers, but most campers will be happy with a tough nylon shell, a healthy dose of synthetic fill and a comfortable facecloth interior.

     Weight and Packability
     For most people, the main consideration for the weight and packability of a camping bag is whether it can be carried from the garage to the car, crammed in with your other stuff, and then carried from the suitcase to the tent. That said, we still recommend checking the weight and padding dimensions listed in the product specifications to get an idea of the size and weight of the bag. Synthetic bags are often made of thicker fabrics and require more insulation to provide adequate warmth, which can add surprising bulk. If a double bag is being considered, then it is the pack size expressed in feet rather than inches.

     Sleeping bag lining and comfort

     Sleeping bag interiors vary greatly from design to design, but the rule of thumb is that comfort is closely related to price. 

Some campers don't mind missing out on luxury to save a lot of money, but a well-made bag is certainly a good place to sneak in at the end of the day. 

For those who plan to be on the go a lot, it may be worth it to opt for the upgraded design.

     Zippers:3 / 4 zipper, full zipper, no zipper

     Mummy sleeping bags usually have a 3 / 4 long side zipper that requires some twisting to get in and out, and cannot be fully opened if you want to zipper the sleeping bag with another compatible sleeping bag.

That's why when camping, we prefer a bag that can be fully unzipped. 

If you zip it to another bag, not only can you easily create a large and comfortable space, but by unzipping the bag yourself, it can be used as a blanket. 

If this bag has a hard shell, you can use it as an outdoor picnic blanket when necessary.

     The third type is the style without zipper. The large oval opening requires some flexibility and patience to wear out, but it's nice without a zipper. 

No fumbling with zippers at night, and you don't have to worry about snagging or heat loss. 

Ultimately, though, we won't see the zipperless concept completely take over the market. 

Simply put, for most campers, its ease of entry and exit and the ability to use a full-zip sleeping bag as a blanket is the better answer.

Sleeping bag features
     Sleeping bags are essentially the simplest of all, but we've seen an increase in available features in many mid- to high-end models of sleeping bags recently. 

A notable extra feature is the built-in pillow or pillowcase, a nice luxury for those who hate how easily their pillow moves at night. In addition, integrated blankets, interior pockets for small items (such as headlamps) and suction tubes at the collar are becoming more common.

     Some sleeping bags, with their unique thermal cut system, can be customized to insulate heat. 

Ventilation options are also good if you want to feel warm while running, such as a full-length zipper that allows you to use the sleeping bag as a quilt, a "gill" at the top of the bag that opens to release some heat, and a footbox zipper that lets your toes show. 

To be sure, most of the added features won't be deal breakers for many people, but they can help you choose between similar models.

    Cross-country camping and backpacking sleeping bags
    Outfitting a full camping set isn't cheap, and for those planning to add backpacking to the mix, the cost can quickly get out of hand.

    Crossover designs are usually smaller than true camping bags to reduce weight and bulk, and they often use thinner fabrics that require extra care and tear more easily. 
Finally, dedicated backpackers can opt for lighter models that use ultra-premium down and more eclectic shell materials, but the cost goes up significantly.

Backpacks are lighter and pack smaller than camping bags, but they're also expensive.

Two sleeping bags
     A classy double sleeping bag is a standard sleeping bag that doubles in width and can accommodate two campers sleeping side by side. These bags are often an effective selling point for reluctant partners to finally try camping. But is it worth it to buy a double sleeping bag as opposed to just pulling two compatible sleeping bags together? 

Our simple opinion is:Not usually. While they're undoubtedly roomy and a bit cheaper than two separate bags, we've never encountered a situation where the zippers on two bags didn't work well - it also gives you the flexibility of camping alone.

Sleeping bags for kids

If you have small children we highly recommend choosing a sleeping bag in proportion to its size. Unless camping only in areas with very warm nighttime temperatures, a 4.5 foot tall person sleeping in a sleeping bag designed for a 6 foot tall person is a recipe for a cold and uncomfortable night. They just can't heat all that extra space. To avoid having to replace your sleeping bag every few years as your little camper grows up, consider getting a sleeping bag that is adjustable in length, and one last thing:fashion Kids' bags are usually made with a bunch of fun colors, which certainly doesn't hurt to get them excited about playing outside for a while.

Sleeping Bag Liners

As we mentioned above, temperature ratings tend to be relatively absolute and often require the addition of a considerable cushion to ensure that you stay warm throughout the night. For those who are cold, or just want to bring their sleeping bag to a lower temperature, adding a sleeping bag liner can help keep them comfortable. Liners are made of soft materials such as wool, fleece, polyester or silk and will usually add 5 to 15 degrees to the warmth rating of a sleeping bag. They can also act as a barrier between the inside of the bag, which can help extend the life of the bag (the liner can be cleaned after use, rather than getting the bag dirty).

Don't forget to bring a mattress or pad

If you have had the experience of advancede deflated pads, or sleep directly on the ground in cold weather, you will know the importance of fashion insulating pads under your feet. In addition, when lying on a classy sleeping bag, it compresses the insulation, which can affect its ability to keep warm (this is especially true of down fabrics, but synthetic fabrics can also be affected). Therefore, if you are going to camp in lower temperatures (usually below 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit), it is important to choose a mattress or pad that will protect from the ground.

If it's summer camping, it will be warm enough at night to use a large, uninsulated advancede inflatable bed, but if it's cold, use a classy sleeping pad that has some form of insulation (usually synthetic or foam). The higher the r-value of the fashion sleep pad, the better the protection from the cold. Summer campers can carry less, while winter adventurers will need more than 5 (and may want to consider adding an extra protective pad).

Color :You can choose any color you'd like from Pantone. For outdoor products,the most important thing is that they should be conspicuous. At YMOUTDOOR®, we can do that for you.

                 You can also contact our outdoor experts if you already have an idea about what color you will use for your customized outdoor products.

LOGO :We are capable of making rubber, embroidery, and silk printing logo. Every kind of method has its distinctive features.Print a logo on your outdoor products to represent your company's personality and brand.

    PatternGeometric patterns like strips, circles and grid are avaliable at YMOUTDOOR®. These patterns are for decoration purposes and will help you distinguish your products from your rivals'. Interesting patterns could be a visual enticement that draw the customers in to take a look at your outdoor products.

   Fabrics and Functions YMOUTDOOR has the ability to provide fabrics such as Oxford cloth, polyester, silicone, etc. Functionally, it can achieve waterproof, UV protection and tear resistance through PE, PU, PTFE, silicone resin coating and other methods. If required, we can also achieve flame retardant effect.

   Accessories :Choice of various accessories,make your products stand out from your competitors.Influence your customers’ buying habits with YMOUTDOOR® customized label & Hangtag for our products. Tags provide useful information such as the material used,carrying capacity, and how it complies with global standards.Apart from product info, our designers can also add your branding logo, name, and messages to your custom labels.


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  • This sleeping bag has a special spherical design, the fabric is made of 300T Pongee, lined with 100% facecloth lining, and filled with 200 g/m2 hollow fiber, our camping oval cotton sleeping bag has a new diagonal quilting design, which can better hold the cotton, lock every inch of temperature, and enhance the warmth of the bottom of the sleeping bag. Semi-circular hood with adjustable drawstring keeps your head warm. Double-sided zipper at the bottom for quick ventilation and easy to unzip from the outside or inside. In addition to being used as a sleeping bag, it can also be used as a blanket or picnic mat. Machine washable, ideal for family trips or car camping.

  • This double sleeping bag from YMOUTDOOR supplier is the super comfortable family travel sleeping bag of choice and sold at factory wholesale price! Perfect for couples and families who like to camp and travel, Double sleeping bag with pillow provides plenty of space for two people and the double sleeping bag will bring every camping enthusiast a sweet night to enjoy the outdoors more. Everyone can sleep comfortably with your partner in a variety of conditions. Can be used as a queen size double sleeping bag or two separate sleeping bags. SKIN-FRIENDLY FABRIC - After a long day of outdoor activities, it will provide you with a good night's sleep. Waterproof - The waterproof design keeps moisture out and keeps you warm. Suitable for most conditions The 2 person sleeping bag is suitable for overnight camping, hiking, backpacking, road trips, and great for indoor use.

  • This camping ultralight cotton sleeping bag from YMOUTDOOR supplier is made of 210T spring spun fabric and filled with high quality down cotton. Breathable and soft. No matter how hard and rugged the ground is, you will feel comfortable. The interior uses high quality washed cotton and is sold at factory wholesale prices. This cotton sleeping bag is still soft and skin-friendly after washing. The sleeping bags all come with a compression sack with straps for easy storage and portability. No folding or rolling, it fits into the ultra-compact bag in seconds, saving you more time.

  • YMOUTDOOR supplier of this 95% white duck down lightweight sleeping bag for one person, using high quality white duck down, up to 95% down content, warmth and warmth to sell at wholesale factory prices. External and internal waterproof 400T nylon, weatherproof. Ultralight thick down sleeping bag greatly increased warmth to keep out the cold. The semi-circular hood with drawstring keeps your head warm and makes it easy to navigate your phone with your hands freely outstretched. You can easily move your feet by opening the zipper at the bottom of the sleeping bag. Smooth zipper and Velcro straps for easy access. Smooth zipper won't hurt your skin or clothes. Down sleeping bag can be wiped down or dry cleaned. Comes with a storage bag, easy to fold and store. Suitable for warm weather and cold weather, suitable for camping, travel, hiking, exploring, climbing, etc

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