Patio Umbrella Lightings

Patio Umbrella Lightings

If you are looking to purchase patio umbrella accessories online, YMOUTDOOR® China manufacturer has a wide range of options to choose from and we offer customization services with Factory wholesale Price. 

We are confident in the quality of our products to satisfy the most discerning customers.

Outdoor umbrella accessories from YMOUTDOOR® help keep the outdoors fun, day or night. Illuminated patio umbrella accessories are versatile and stylish options that can illuminate any space. 

As a quick and easy way to transform an outdoor area, these options are ideal for entertaining crowds or even just a weekday evening dinner on the patio. 

Here are some great ways to incorporate these into an outdoor area.

Patio umbrella lights allow us to fully enjoy the outdoors, even after the sun goes down. It's also the best way to avoid investing in expensive freestanding lights or wall scones.

    These are installed under a patio umbrella. In addition to being practical, they are also decorative options for illuminating a space.

    With so many options on the market, people are often confused as to which product to choose from. To help you out, we've done some research and come up with some important instructions to check when purchasing.

    Patio umbrella lights shopping guide:

    Patios are the perfect place to hang out with friends or family in the evening or late at night. Having the right type of patio umbrella lights makes more sense than other types of lights. At YMOUTDOOR®, learn all about patio lights and how to choose the best ones in this purchasing guide.

    Let's take a closer look at what factors you need to consider when purchasing fashion patio umbrella lights.

    1. Lamp Post Vs:
    Before purchasing these patio umbrella lights, one should consider the purpose of using these lights (what you expect from this lighting). Poles and styles are the two main types of lighting for patio umbrellas, and one must choose the best one for their needs.

    String style lights - Want to create a warm atmosphere, hang out with loved ones (or) add some accent lighting to an evening landscape project, then set up these string style lights to decorate the ribs of the umbrella for the perfect lighting.
    Pole lights - If you need lighting to accomplish certain tasks, such as serving food, reading a book or playing a card game with friends, then use disc/pole umbrella lights. They provide brighter and more focused lighting. They are fixed to the top of the umbrella pole and can be square or round in shape, but require electricity to light up.

    2. number of led's:
    There are various patio umbrella light models available with numerous LED counts. Some basic models are equipped with 20 - 40 LED bulbs with very good brightness. And to get higher illumination and lumen power, make sure to choose a light with 44 - 104 lamps to easily accomplish various tasks at night.

    Generally speaking, the higher the number of LEDs, the higher the brightness, so these lights under the patio umbrella will make the night brighter. However, the number of LEDs (LED count) will affect the battery life, which is helpful if the perfect brightness is desired.

    3. Brightness level:
    Brightness rating is a necessary consideration before purchasing patio umbrella lights. This is especially important when selecting a light for a large umbrella. For this reason, LED lights with a high brightness rating are needed. Brightness ratings are measured in lumens (LM).

    These LED lights are available in different brightness ratings ranging from 200 - 400 lumens (or higher). Some high-end models offer a brightness adjustment feature that allows the brightness rating to be adjusted to your needs without draining the battery. In addition, prefer to choose a higher rated led to emit brighter lights.

    4. lighting mode:
    After figuring out the color and brightness of the light, it's time to focus on the lighting mode. Lighting mode will allow to change the light intensity and enjoy the environment according to the requirements / circumstances. Some patio umbrella lights offer 2 levels of brightness, while others offer 3, 5 or even 10 (or more) levels of brightness.

     Dim, bright and super bright modes are the three main light modes (but with different variations) that can be used in different situations where the light does not need to be turned up to maximum. Therefore, the choice of light must be considered, such as flicker, strobe, or decay with the brightness level of the light.

     All these lighting models will set the mood according to the situation. Some lighting models have a toggle switch that allows switching between different brightness levels for better control of the lighting. This toggle is a dimmer in which the switch will not always stay at the darkest or brightest level.

5. Type of power supply:

      Depending on the type of power source you use, patio umbrella lights can come in three variants - utility, solar, or battery-powered lights. Each type of lighting power source has its advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons).

      Battery Powered 
      Battery-powered fashion patio umbrella lights are practical, beautiful, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and convenient. It is best to choose rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones to prevent waste.In addition, it reduces electricity bills and ensures that the light is always available without any cables/wires connected to the patio area/power outlets.

      Some batteries are AA rechargeable, while others have built-in batteries that can be charged via plug, solar panel or USB cable. Some patio umbrella lights use 2 AA batteries or 4 AA batteries.

      Here, the solar lights will absorb and store the sunlight received during the day. When it gets dark, the stored energy will turn on the light. This is the perfect eco-friendly lighting option for those who live in sunny areas. 

If the weather in your area is cloudy, then solar lighting will not reach its full potential.

      Some models offer an automatic lighting switch option, based on natural outdoor lighting. In addition, they disappear when it runs out of power. 

So, for those who want to spend more time sleeping late at night, this is not a better option.

       Power Powered
       This type of umbrella light can keep lighting up all night long and is perfect for parties. All it needs is to be plugged into a constant power supply. 

They are a reliable and affordable option, but they consume electricity for proper operation. 

Its main drawback is the power cord, which is everywhere. Also, when people get tired at night, they may trip over these cables hidden in the grass, which is a bit dangerous. 

In addition, its long cords do not match with the design of the garden.

      6. Design:
      String lights, lanterns and disc lights are the three main types of designs available for patio lights. Let's learn more about them.

     Chain of lights
     Like water in a fountain (rising in one shot and then branching out at the top), in the same way these string lights are designed to be used on umbrellas. A central stem of lights will enter the shaft of the umbrella, thus spreading into many individual strands, which are placed on different ribs of your umbrella. As a result, these lights will cover the entire umbrella and effectively illuminate the area.

     It is perfect for soothing effects and mood lighting, but there are some factors to consider for the proper setup of these lights.

     Umbrella type - A standard patio or market umbrella is compatible with any linear lighting system, however, for cantilever or offset umbrellas, you must look for a linear lighting system specifically designed to accommodate these types of umbrellas.

     Number of ribs - Counting the ribs of their patio umbrella can a basic model have 8 ribs. Today, it is noted that patio umbrella ribs come in many variations, such as 6, 9 or a different kind. When purchasing a linear light, make sure that the number of brackets next to the system matches the number of umbrella ribs.

     Umbrella Diameter - Accurately measuring the umbrella diameter will help calculate the proper length of each line. To do this, divide the diameter of the umbrella by 2 to get its radius. This value is similar to the maximum length of each light chain.

     Disc Light Design
     Like miniature spacecraft or hockey pucks, these disc lights are attached to the umbrella shaft and glow from the top down. This type of light is brighter and more focused around the umbrella shaft to better illuminate everything below. It is practical and works perfectly for specific tasks, but is not a good-looking lighting solution. It is an ideal choice when you want to continue eating, reading or doing other things.

     The diameter of the shaft bar (1.5 - 2 inches) is a key parameter to consider before purchasing a disc light. They can be adjusted well to fit without regard to the diameter of the shaft. Just in case, if the umbrella has a large or awkwardly shaped shaft, then check that the disc light has a more professional design.

     Lantern Light
     This is a freestanding portable light that hangs under an umbrella on a patio. Most of these lights are solar powered and come in a variety of sizes and brightness levels. These lights are suitable for any outdoor space, except for patio umbrella lights. Lantern style lights are a perfect aesthetic choice for decorative purposes. Depending on their size, lanterns can be hung from umbrella stands or hung from the edges of umbrellas like string lights to create a glamorous look.

 7. Waterproof rating:
      Patio umbrella lights are used in outdoor spaces where they experience water or rain spills, which can damage even the LED lights. 

 Therefore, it is essential to check the water/weather resistance of the light before purchasing.

      This feature will protect the light for a longer period of time and also increase the shelf life of the LEDs. 

 Most patio umbrella lights (especially round ones with clips) are not inherently waterproof, while some premium models of LED lights offer waterproof features.

      If the package or product is marked with an IP rating (e.g. IP65), it will protect the light from wet conditions and prevent water from dripping on it, especially in heavy rain. 

 Because these lights are electronic products (run on mains power or batteries), if water enters the product/light it will die.

     8. flame effect:
     However, lantern-style patio umbrella lights recreate the look of fire, with some models having artificial candles that emit a warm glow, and others having larger orange or red flames.

     9. fluidity:
     Hanging lights and lanterns move around the patio and can be carried outdoors with you, such as camping, where some light is needed. This also applies to the various umbrella pole lights, which do not come with their own tools to do this. However, these round lights have a rope or hook that can be hung from a tent or tree, or simply put them on a high shelf to illuminate down and around the environment.

     10. Purpose:
     Patio umbrella lanterns are decorative, functional or both, while pole lanterns can be practical and look similar with one purpose, to illuminate outdoor spaces. 

However, lanterns come in a variety of styles that serve different purposes, such as specific ambiance, aesthetic appearance, and effectively illuminating outdoor spaces.

     11. luminescence:
     Do you prefer cool or warm lighting on an outdoor patio? The type of luminescence rises, especially in the summer or on vacation. Usually, cool lights have a white hue, while warm lights are orange or yellow hues. 

As we have already mentioned, lanterns and hanging lights are warm (those that simulate fire), while fixed lights are cool. 

Warm lights are the best choice for those who need a natural backyard look. Cool lights are an ideal choice for those who need a modern aesthetic. 

12. Installation:
      Smooth and quick installation of these patio umbrella lights can make the overall experience of it enjoyable.

      Cordless lights won't suffer the pain of untangling cables and work well even without a closed socket. They can easily work anywhere, anytime with rechargeable batteries.
      Disc lights ensure that the pincers are strong, tight, and self-adjusting to fit your umbrella, especially when wanting to upgrade them in the future.
      Also, never forget to measure the diameter of the umbrella pole, which helps to choose the best and most compatible product.

13. When running:
     Before making patio umbrella lights, it is important to consider the runtime of each model. In most cases, the runtime range for these patio umbrella lights will be 8 - 18 hours, with the models in between being good enough    for better performance. Regardless of the runtime chosen, the lights depend heavily on the power supply and how often the lights are charged.

      14. RGB color change:
      Having an RGB color light is like an added bonus because these types of lights will provide ample lighting for parties in the evening when you want to start a party, then set the light to RGB color changing mode, which adds a festive atmosphere to your party.

      15. easy to use:
     Although there are a variety of options to consider before purchasing. 

For example, some models only have a simple switch to turn the lights on/off, while others offer a variety of selector switches that let you choose your preferred lighting mode.

Some high-end models come with a remote control with various options, such as flash mode, color change, etc. 

But it offers the major advantage of operating the light from a distance. So, choose the model that is easy to use or operate.

      16. Construction and durability:
      It is a known fact that any product made from quality materials is long lasting and durable.

     Construction - If you are looking to procure a light that can easily cope with long-term use and the stress of outdoor weather, then choose a light with a strong construction, such as metal or quality ABS. therefore, it protects the light by preventing damage caused by the sun's rays (UV radiation) and resists moisture.

Durability - For those who are looking for durability, it is important to choose a high quality led. this outdoor light should not be used for less than 30,000 hours.
     17. remote control:
     Most modern patio umbrella lights have a remote control function. 

With this feature, one can easily control/run all the light settings such as brightness, turn on/off, change the light pattern, color or style mode, even when away from the outdoor space. 

So, buy those LED lights that have remote control function.

18. Quality Assurance:
     Since these patio umbrella lights are used outdoors, this means that they must experience a lot of environmental forces such as heat and rain. 

Therefore, YMOUTDOOR our outdoor patio umbrella lights must be highly durable and reliable with long-lasting performance.

     19. Umbrella Pole Design:
     Before purchasing a patio umbrella light, see what kind of umbrella is being purchased? There are two main types of patio umbrella poles on the market, one that is on one side and another that is in the middle.

     If the umbrella pole is in the middle, then a round umbrella light with clips is ideal. This is because it easily attaches to the umbrella pole and effectively illuminates the patio table with the exact lighting needed.

     If the umbrella pole is on the side, then mounting the light on the pole is not a good choice because it illuminates the wrong area. For this reason, check if the top of the light has a hook. 

If so, then hang it up. Or, use umbrella cord lights to attach these lights to each spoke and zipper tie them tightly. 

These lights will not directly illuminate the patio table, but can be used as decorative lighting to enhance the party atmosphere.

 Illuminated patio umbrella accessories are perfect for placing umbrellas in bar areas. 

Once the sun goes down and the party begins, the light provides a clear view of the bar area while also accentuating the space. In this case, the choice is both functional and stylish.

These options are also convenient for any umbrellas resting near the spa area. 

If prefer to enjoy your spa at night, the illuminated patio umbrella accessories create lighting that is great for increasing visibility in the area. 

This feature is great for minimizing hazards.

Lighted umbrella accessories are also suitable for decks and other smaller, intimate spaces. 

For example, adding one of these pieces of furniture to a deck off a bedroom can provide enough light to see a clear view without disturbing people. 

They are especially good for romantic lighting.

Illuminated patio umbrella accessories can make the transition from day to night an easy process, as many of YMOUTDOOR®'s options come with remote or solar options. 

There's nothing better than effortless style and convenience. Not only will your outdoor space look better with this new amenity, but it will also make spending time with family and friends more enjoyable. 

In addition we offer a custom service with more options and are sure to find the best outdoor umbrella lighting accessory for the layout and style.


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