Camping Pads

Camping Pads

 The fashion outdoors camping sleeping pads can give you some of the best nights’ sleep you’ll ever get.  YMOUTDOOR® manufacturer has classy sleeping pads to fit your comfort, travel and budget with Factory wholesale Price.

With years of continuous accumulation, we have a very large number of product molds and our aim is to satisfy our customers with high quality, up-to-date and affordable outdoor products.  

       As we all know,fancy sleeping pads have come a long way since the days of thin foam pads (though those still have their place). Now, our can find fancy inflatable camping mats that rival the comfort of our mattress back home. That being said, with such innovation comes a whole lot of options and price ranges. Whether our want to venture into the camping world for the first time or our ’re just tired of our uncomfortable fashion camping mat and need something more than a classy sleeping bag, we’ll help you find the right fashion sleeping pad for our needs and budget.

Features to Consider in a fashion Sleeping Pad

No matter what type of camping our plan to do, there are a few key specifications in a fashion sleeping pad that will help you choose the right one for our .

     When our’re backpacking, our don’t want to be carrying a heavy fancy sleeping pad with you while you hike, so looking at your pad’s weight is important.

     For air mattresses, durability is also key because if our pad springs a leak, We’re not in for a good night’s sleep. Many classy inflatable sleeping pads come with a repair patch; they’re also relatively inexpensive to buy separately.


If we’ve ever sat on a rock or bench and stood up with a freezing cold bum, our know what we’re talking about here.

Ground temperatures are often surprisingly cold, and without anything between our and the ground it can easily sap the heat right out of our as you sleep.

If we’re camping without a classy sleeping pad, it’s probably not going to be super comfy, but if our’re in colder temperatures, having that insulating pad can be a matter of safety to keep you warm enough through the night. That’s where something called R-value comes in.

Pad Types

Air pads:  Inflatable mattresses with insulation inside pack small and weigh little relative to their size.Relying solely on air inflation is good and bad: It allows our to fine-tune firmness but also leads to the pad softening when temps drop. Punctures are also a minor concern, as is a rustling noise when our move on around on some air pads.

Self-inflating foam pads: Have open-cell foam insulation that provides warmth and padding; a few breaths of airlet our finalize inflation and pad firmness. Relative to their size, they are heavier and bulkier than air pads.

Closed-cell foam pads: The original backpacking pad is still revered by ultra thrifty hikers who prize ultralight, ultradurable gear. 

Backpacking and Camping Considerations

  If our are carrying the pad on our back, then reducing weight and packed size is important.That's why many backpackers choose air pads. Self-inflating foam pads offer comparable warmth and comfort, though, and offer more affordable options for budget-minded backpackers.

 For camping, comfort counts most, so the type of pad, its weight and packed size are less important.

We are free to choose a pad that's as thick and roomy as you want—as long as the inflated pad fits inside our tent (and the price fits within your budget).

Pad R-Values

R-value measures a pad's resistance to heat flowing through it (hence the "R"). A higher R-value indicates a warmer pad.

     Sleep System: We classy Sleeping Pad and Bag Work Together.

Many variables affect warmth, including factors like humidity, tent design and what our wear. 

Our sleeping pad's R-value and our sleeping bag's temperature rating, though, are the two biggest determinants of how warm our will be.

      Below are rough guidelines that correlate sleeping pad R-values, nighttime low temperatures and sleeping bag temperature ratings:

      Pad R-value below 2.0: Warm weather (50°F low); pair with a 30°F bag

      Pad R-value 2.0 to 3.9: Cool weather (32°F low); pair with a 20°F bag

      Pad R-value 4.0 to 5.4: Cold weather (20°F low); pair with a 15°F bag

 Pad R-value above 5.4: Extreme cold weather (0°F low); pair with a 0°F bag.


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  • YMOUTDOOR® manufacturer's durable folding sleeping pad is your best choice for camping, backpacking, hiking, climbing, picnicking, beach and other indoor and outdoor activities.YMOUTDOOR® is a professional manufacturer and supplier of camping pad in China has a super low factory wholesale price. This lightweight and durable foam pad weighs only 1.1 lbs. The foldable design allows for compact packaging. There are two elastic loops for easy packing and carrying. r-value is 2.0. Moisture-Proof Foldable Foam Camping Sleeping Padalso provides ground protection. The most comfortable sleeping experience:That's why we designed this pad for you in the first place! This sleep pad is suitable for all terrain types! Designed for side or back sleepers, no matter how much you like to rest, you won't rock or bottom out-no more back pain or annoying discomfort from rocky terrain.YMOUTDOOR® look forward to being your long term partner.

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  • This camping mat from YMOUTDOOR® is a quick, easy, lightweight camping sleep solution. YMOUTDOOR® is a professional manufacturer and supplier of camping pad in China is available at a factory wholesale price. Featuring a foot-operated inflatable unit, this amphibious inflatable pad provides the ideal supportive sleeping surface for the outdoors. The one-piece pillow design is ultra-light and convenient, and the laminate bottom adds comfort and durability for a great night's sleep, Inflatable camping sleeping pad mat a smart choice to take with you wherever you go. Capacity 300 lbs. No children under 3 years old allowed. Suffocation Warning:Do not allow infants 15 months and younger to sleep on the inflatable mattress.YMOUTDOOR® look forward to being your long term partner.

  • YMOUTDOOR manufacturer Camping Air Sleeping Pad Mat wights only 550g with Factory wholesale Price and packs down to the size of thin water bottle - perfect for a backpacking sleeping pad, No worrying about room in your backpack No backaches due to heavy weight very convenient to carry.Attached to ergonomically designed pillows, you can provide adequate support for your head, allowing you to get sufficient sleep and full relaxation, and the province has a hassle of extra pillows. YMOUTDOOR sleeping pad has a bag that can be easily folded to increase compressibility and minimize packaging size, which is ideal Ideal for camping, backpack travel, hiking, outdoor adventure, and travel, improve durable strength, without worrying, allowing you to sleep comfortably on the rugged ground. Ultralight Sleeping Pad with light weight and small size, waterproof and inflatable, easy to roll up and put in the storage bag, very convenient to carry whiling traveling.

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