Spreader Bar Hammocks

Spreader Bar Hammocks

If you're looking for Hammocks for purchasing, YMOUTDOOR manufacturer has several options sure to satisfy the pickiest shopper. We have a myriad of styles of high quality Hammocks, and YMOUTDOOR is the best place to purchase if you're looking for where to purchase Hammocks online.


Hammocks with spreader bars are visually stunning even when no one is laying in the classy hammock and provide a different experience as compared to classic hammocks. Perfect for sunbathers who want to catch as many rays as possible while relaxing in their fashion hammock!

Nowadays,there are many different types of classy hammocks on the market,  one common style – high quality hammocks with spreader bars, must have once attracted attention when were going to pick one. 

 For hammocking occasion and purpose, have spreader bars hammock is better for people who enjoy a short period of time relaxing, such as full sun exposure at the beach, poolside and garden; non-spreader bars hammock is greater for those who use it for lounging, napping, sleeping, and pursue a long-lasting comfort for home recreation or outdoor camping.

What is spreader bar hammocks?
 As its name suggests spreader bar hammock comes with wooden or metal bars at both ends, which serve to spread the hammock to its full width, make the surface flat and open, to allow the user to lay straight. Typically, there are drilled holes along the length of the bar, suspension ropes go through the holes to attach the hammock and fixed anchors.

Pros of hammock with spreader bars:

 High quality spreader bars pitch the hammock surface tight and open, good for people who have a little claustrophobia when being wrapped around, and desire to get clear surrounding views.

 Possession bed-looking appearance, suitable for side sleepers, can effectively reduce calf ridge pain and shoulder squeeze, which happens in gathered end hammocks in a diagonal sleeping position.

 It due to its tight surface can dry faster than other style hammocks when hitting water .

Cons of hammock with spreader bars:

 Typically,Spreader bars raise the gravity center of the hammock higher, which is prone to flip over when the occupant rolls to the side, and need more balance control when lying in.

 Spreader bars usually weigh 2-6kg  Make the whole hammock bulky, more difficult to pack up, and less portable.

 Not good for using as a bed replacement, primarily taking a recreational role in daytime relaxing.

What kind of hammock has a spreader?

 Rope hammock

Rope hammocks are knotted by rope look like a fishing net, have big holes on the surface. The rope is made of cotton or polyester, the former one is soft and flexible, the latter one is durable and more weatherproof. Supported by wooden spreader bars at both ends to make the classy hammock open and flat, rope hammocks are iconic decor at the beach or tropical location.

 Nicaraguan hammock

Nicaraguan hammock is considered to be the most classy hammock for its have double sprang tightly string woven and crochet fringe ornaments, it’s definitely a gorgeous decoration in the backyard, and Quite popular with Americans. Made from quality cotton, with spreader bars supporting the classy hammock open, this type of hammock is cozy for 1-2 people lounging at the same time both indoor or outdoor poolside.

 Poolside hammock

Poolside hammock, as its literal meaning, is a type of spreader bars hammock placed near the pool or seaside for its special PVC pre-treated polyester fabric can withstand water splash and sun bleaching. As a recreational hammock, spreader bars add more seaside and tropical vibe for resting.

 Quilted hammock

Quilted hammocks are made of two pieces of tightly woven polyester fabric stuffed with soft pads between, spreader bars keep the surface taut for lying flat. This type of hammock is soft and warm for winter and cold weather, and often comes with a pillow sewn into it, so it is thought as a hanging mattress.

 Bridge camping hammock

Bridge hammock is a special type of camping hammock . Different from recreational hammocks , bridge hammock does not have a 100% flat lying surface, it’s more like half of a bucket, the occupant can relatively lie flat in it compared with curved shape camping hammocks, it is especially friendly for side sleepers.

 Hammock chair

Fashion hammock chair or swinging chair is a new variation of the hammock family, with only one spreader bar attaching the chair and suspension rope. This hammock-style swing is designed for one person who prefers to staying upright in the hammock with back support instead of lying down, often made of rope or fabric for comfortable reading, watching TV, or having a cup of coffee.


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