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Ningbo 4 Team Members Departed for Turkey to Carry Out Earthquake Rescue



Members of the rescue team to Turkey, from left, Shu Chongjie, Huang Haihui, Zhu Jiancheng, Zhang Saixiao

 In the afternoon of February 7, Yinzhou Blue Sky Emergency Rescue Team 4 members Huang Haihui, Shu Chongjie, Zhu Jiancheng (earthquake rescue group), Zhang Saixiao (medical rescue group) assembled at the airport, ready to take the 16:30 plane to Wuhan collection, after the completion of the medical examination to fly to Turkey to carry out earthquake rescue. The duration of this mission is 15 days.


                                                     Part of the equipment carried.

  "Yesterday (6) at about 12:00 pm, we Blue Sky Rescue headquarters informed that 150 people need to go to Turkey for earthquake rescue, each team to register themselves." Yinzhou blue sky emergency rescue team captain Chen Qing told reporters, after receiving the notice, the team members volunteered, and finally in the early hours of this morning to determine the four members of the "expedition".


                                    The team members waiting at the airport to depart.

  The earthquake rescue team members to Turkey have more than 3 years of experience in disaster rescue, some of them have participated in flood rescue and landslide rescue.

  It is understood that this time, because it is a cross-border rescue, so the team members travel in simple clothes, carrying personal single-armed equipment, including breakaway helmets, life vests, strong flashlights, walkie-talkies and rope rescue kit.

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