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  • I think it should not be difficult to build a canopy alone, right? Fix the pole. Once the wind rope is pulled, it will all work. I am still too naive! Fixed the pole, I thought a long nail tied to the ground will be OK. It turns out that Pole tied to a nail is not secure, easy to fall over (or maybe I rope tied not secure enough).


  • We are often asked, "Is it cold when camping outdoors, especially in winter, sometimes in the snow?" "What brand and model of sleeping bag do you have, and what is the temperature standard?" This is a very difficult question to answer, because there are many factors that can affect outdoor camping night sleep.


  • Judgment on the thermal conductivity of the camping ground for the use of the environment, especially the judgment of different ground environment.


  • Walking into nature, feeling nature, enjoying nature, embracing nature, discovering the wonderful and infinite charm of nature is the best way to bathe your soul in sunshine and feel happiness and joy.


  • Double-layer tent is a tent with two layers of inner and outer tent, and single-layer tent, double-layer tent production process is more complex, larger, more widely used, and because of the extra layer of breathable inner tent, double-layer tent has a better warmth effect, the ability to protect against rain and snow is also relatively strong. So how to pitch a double-decker tent? First choose a good terrain, build the inner tent, then take out the tent poles and other accessories, the tent poles into the inner tent pipe, open the tent, and finally open the outer tent, cover the inner tent can be. Here to understand the detailed knowledge it!


  • Nowadays, people like to travel outdoors, hiking and trekking, etc. to get close to the beauty of nature, and outdoor tents can solve our accommodation problems can also allow us to better feel the charm of nature.


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