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What materials are available for pool recliners?


What materials are available for pool recliners?

 Recliner chair in ancient times is also called people sleepy chairs, noble chair, getaway chair, etc., is a multifunctional chair that can sit and lie down, is a new type of functional furniture, as early as the Qing Dynasty. Then the next by Yadi Industry to introduce you to what material pool lounger it!

Pool lounger

1, rattan lounger

Rattan chair is not made of pure rattan, but made of aluminum alloy frame and hand-woven imitation rattan products. It can be placed indoors and outdoors. It is not afraid of wind and water and sunlight. Its style is more comfortable than the traditional recliner. Its corrosion resistance is much better than other loungers. It is also a good choice to be placed by the pool.

2, aluminum lounger

Aluminum lounger is generally lighter, portable, in the process of easy design, the designer will continue to correct the lines and angles of the lounger, so that it reaches the best degree of coordination with the human body.

3、Solid wood recliner
There are many kinds of materials for solid wood recliners, and the price is not the same. Its material determines the price, so not all materials are very expensive. Recliner can be prepared with cushions, more comfortable to use.

4, plastic recliner

Plastic recliner is the most popular material for consumers. After many improvements, polypropylene environmentally friendly materials can be 100% recycled. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly product.

The above is the introduction of the pool lounger material, I hope it can help you, want to know more information about the pool lounger. Welcome to consult with Yadi Industry online. Looking forward to your consultation.