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Reference Factors For Outdoor Umbrella Purchase

                           Reference factors for outdoor umbrella purchase

In the summer heat, in order to prevent tanning and sunburn, many villa courtyards or outdoor balconies always need to place some outdoor umbrellas for shade, leisure time can read a book, drink tea, etc.. Next, YMOUTDOOR to introduce you to the outdoor umbrellas to buy what are the reference factors!

Outdoor umbrellas

1、Look at the transparency
In general, the sunscreen effect a little better sunscreen umbrella transparency is not high. Because there is a layer of coating on it, it is this layer of coating that causes the sunscreen umbrella is not high transparency. Conversely, that must not be a good coating, it is recommended not to choose.

2, umbrella surface should be large rather than small
The larger the area under the umbrella that can be covered, it also means that the more space for shade, so that when you sit under the umbrella, it will not cause half of your body to be exposed to the sun.

3、Look at the color
Under the same conditions, the darker the color of the umbrella, the better the performance of UV resistance. Black umbrella light transmission rate is the lowest, can bring greater shade stronger. At the same time, because of the wavelength, light-colored fabrics are more likely to absorb UV rays. So it is better to choose darker colors.

4、The surrounding environment
For example, where you use the umbrella, the wind is relatively strong, then I recommend that you use a double-layer umbrella, so that the top of the umbrella has a wind unloading port, to maintain the smoothness is better; such as you are to embellish the words then you in the sun umbrella purchase nothing special attention, just look at your surrounding environment design style and purchase!

5, in terms of price

You may also want to look at the high price, it is high in the end where the high, so that your purchase brings unexpected surprises.

The above is the reference factors for the purchase of outdoor umbrellas, I hope to help you, want to know more information about outdoor umbrellas, welcome to call the consultation Yadi industry.