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Cotton Tent Pyramid Tent Installation Guidelines


                       Cotton Tent Pyramid Tent Installation Guidelines

High quality: luxury tipi tent with heavy duty waterproof zipper, extra thick floor mat PVC, breathable cotton fabric Reinforced double stitching lining. This camping tent is strong enough to withstand potential high winds, heavy rain, and even heavy snow. With special anti-mold treatment, a reasonable balance of waterproof and breathable, comfortable and not stuffy.
A balance of waterproofness and breathability: The cotton canvas series tents and tarps are made from fabrics that have been treated with a waterproof coating. Cotton canvas is designed to provide the best balance between waterproofness and breathability to keep the tent comfortable inside. Cotton canvas fabrics are not as "waterproof" as plastic or synthetic materials. In heavy rain, it is normal to feel "foggy" inside the tent due to hydrostatic pressure.
Cotton canvas series: Cotton canvas is a natural material, please dry and store it after use. Store it to keep it clean. Keep away from open flame when using.

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Step 1

Tiled the tent, nailed down each corner, and assembled the support pipes 

Step 2 

Enter the tent and set up the poles


Step 3 

Fix the tent skirt with nail, pull the wind rope to adjust the best tightness

Step 4

 If necessary, use 2 additional canopy poles and 2 wind ropes to support the entrance hall eaves

Please follow common sense rules for safe camping
As long as the tent is used correctly, it can be used as a convenient place to live for many years, but care should be taken to avoid damaging the tent material. The life span of a tent is influenced by weathering and long term exposure to UV light.
- Keep the tent away from flames and heat sources.
- Do not wear shoes inside the tent.
-When setting up, remove sharp objects nearby to avoid embedding or piercing the bottom and inner wall of the tent.
- Clean the tent thoroughly and allow it to dry after each use or continuous use
- Pack the tent carefully to avoid punctures.
- Avoid direct sunlight for a long time

Cotton Tent Care Instructions
Store completely dry to avoid damage caused by mold and mildew
Cotton canvas is a natural material, and storing it wet can be toxic and damaging. If you store your cotton tent after a rain shower or in the early morning when the dew has collected, please set up the tent as soon as you get home and allow it to dry completely before storing it for a long time.
In high humidity climates, extra care must be taken to prevent mold damage. Minor mold can be cleaned with a dilute white vinegar solution (5 parts water to 1 part white vinegar)
Please take care of the cleaning when storing (including the tent pole)
Before storing for a long time, please clean the dirt and other natural followers, and keep the poles, pegs and other accessories clean as well. We strongly recommend the use of an additional waterproof ground cloth to extend the life of the tent base and to help keep it clean. Please keep your zippers clean and use zipper lubricant occasionally. The best way to clean your tent is to clean it with water and a soft brush and let it dry. Do not use alkaline or harsh detergents to avoid damaging the tent's water-repellent coating.
Balance of waterproofness and breathability
Cotton canvas tents and canopies are made of fabrics that are treated with a water-repellent coating. The cotton fabric is designed to "provide the best balance between waterproofing and breathability to keep the tent comfortable inside. Cotton sail fabric is not as "waterproof" as plastic or synthetic materials. In very heavy rain, it is normal to feel "fog" inside the tent due to "hydrostatic pressure".
Keep away from open flame when using
The tent fabric is combustible, please pay attention to the distance between the open flame and the tent.

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