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Beach Chair Tips For The Purchase

           Beach Chair Tips For The Purchase

Beach chairs are also called folding chairs or lounge chairs, beach chairs are the main feature is easy to carry, so it has become one of the essential equipment when people go out to travel. So how to buy such a good beach chair? What tips are there? Here follow YMOUTDOOR to understand it!

Beach chairs

1, the depth of the beach chair

Generally speaking, in a more formal occasion, the person's sitting posture is very straight, more people like to sit in front of the chair more "shallow" position. However, if at home, relaxed situation may be sitting deeper, the whole person seems to fall into the chair. In the purchase, you can first sit and see, try to seat the whole body when the depth of feeling, you can know whether it takes into account the needs of public and private.

2, the stability of the beach chair

Beach chair to start with the details of the entire structure, you can see its stability, pay attention to observe the joints such as latches, screws, etc. is very important. So when you buy, it is best to lie on their own personal experience, do a slight rocking, to experience the stability of the chair.

3, the height of the armrests

If you have the habit of putting your hands down at will, you may wish to choose a chair with low or no armrests. If you like to shrink all the people in the chair, then, the armrests are higher, the seat surface is deeper chair, is about a good choice.

4, beach chairs balance of gravity

Beach chair back slope is generally 90 degrees as the boundary, many people are accustomed to "lying" on it, in order to achieve the relaxation of the whole body function. This chair back inclination will be slightly greater than 90 degrees, so that the person's center of gravity slightly backward, the whole person can also lie comfortably in the chair. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxed natural life.

5, the slope of the beach chair

The slope of the back of the chair and the "add-on" softness and comfort should also be taken into account. The slope of the back of the chair to 90 degrees as the boundary, most chairs are slightly greater than 90 degrees, so that you can make the center of gravity slightly backward, the whole person can also sit comfortably on the chair. Leisure function of the larger chair, the slope is greater, so that people seem to be "lying" in the chair.

The above five points are the tips in choosing a beach chair. Nowadays, the structure of the beach chair and the choice of materials and other major businesses are more or less the same. In fact, the purchase of beach chairs do not need too much effort, more attention to detail on it.