Patio Swings

Patio Swings 

YMOUTDOOR® focuses on manufacturing high-quality outdoor furniture China Manufacturer. We express your needs through every exquisite detail, and the lean production process ensures that the quality is maximized at a reasonable factory price, as well as helps you build a comfortable garden. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.and always strive to provide customers with high-quality furniture and customized services, which are favored by consumers.

With years of continuous accumulation, we have a very large number of product molds and our aim is to satisfy our customers with high quality, up-to-date and affordable products.

Turn your backyard into a cozy retreat with a uniquely designed porch swing. outdoor swings from YMOUTDOOR® suppliers are available as freestanding benches that can be suspended from sturdy beams or branches, or as all-in-one units that include the necessary support structures, canopies and more. We have a professional team to provide you with customized services, accept OEM and ODM and our prices are absolutely beautiful. No matter which type of porch swing fits your space, durable materials, quality craftsmanship and classic style will last for years of enjoyment. Consult our online customer service and take the first step towards the patio swing you want!

Types of Patio Swings:


    Canopy Swings                     Porch Swings                 Porch Swing Beds         Outdoor Hanging Chairs

Customized porch swings also come with durable outdoor seating and cushions to go with your outdoor furniture. These elements make the process of choosing your deck or porch swing even more fun because they give you a chance to truly personalize your design.

How big of a porch swing do I need?
Comfortable in a 2 person swing or in a single seat porch swing chair breeze. Porch swings come in a variety of sizes, but swings that are 4-5 feet in length are the most common. The depth of the seat varies greatly, from as narrow as 18 inches to over 46 inches deep. Weight limits for porch swings also vary by model, from 250 pounds to 800 pounds or more. Be sure to refer to the product specifications for your particular porch swing to determine the recommended weight capacity. With so many options, you will want to measure your space to determine what porch swing size is best. For more information on the number of people each porch swing length can accommodate, please refer to the size chart below.

Porch Swing Length
Number of Seats
2-Foot Porch Swing
Accommodates a single person comfortably
3-Foot Porch Swing
Accommodates 1-2 people comfortably
4-Foot Porch Swing
Accommodates 2 people comfortably
5-Foot Porch Swing
Accommodates 2-3 people comfortably
6-Foot Porch Swing
Accommodates 3-4 people comfortably

 The porch swing serves became an extension of warmth of a beautiful outdoor space. Here at YMOUTDOOR®, we have a wealth of options to choose from when deciding just which swing to purchase. Whether you want a one person customized hammock swing or a more conventional double swing for your patio, YMOUTDOOR® have everything you need.Whichever type of porch swing is right for your space, Supplied by quality material suppliers the durable materials, high-quality craftsmanship and classic styles will last for years of enjoyment.If you're short on outdoor space a hanging chaise lounge outdoor swing is ideal for a single person. Homeowners with access to a large backyard will appreciate roomier options that can comfortably accommodate up to 3 people. A classic canopy awning makes a lovely and functional addition to any backyard or patio. Place a beautiful outdoor fountain nearby and relax to the sound of trickling water as you swing your stress away after a long day.Gardeners and landscapers with a flair for traditional designs may appreciate a wooden patio swing that matches the existing lawn ornaments. Unstained options make it easy to customize the look and feel of your new swing. 

What material is the porch swing made of?

Swings come in a variety of materials, including hardwood, recycled plastic, metal, wrought iron and resin wicker. Today's materials are designed to handle the harsh elements, although always check the instructions to see if your swing should be placed under the roof.

What types and styles of porch swings can I find?
   Canopy swings offer a vintage backyard charm with matching protective covers. Framed freestanding swings can be placed anywhere you want to turn a sunny spot into a shaded romantic rendezvous.
Entryway swing beds are considered to be a hybrid of hammocks and entryway swings. They are spacious, wider and sometimes even backless, perfect for a leisurely snooze outdoors.
Hanging chairs are outdoor egg-shaped resin wicker frames and cushions for one. Or hang a hammock chair from a large tree branch in your backyard.

Is swing good for health?

Swinging on a swing promotes health in a big way, as it eases stress, helps build core strength, improves balance, and much more. Try it out and experience better health in no time.The swinging motion strengthens the vestibular and proprioceptive systems by teaching your brain and body to work together. This sensory integration greatly improves your coordination, balance, body awareness, and concentration.

Why is swinging good for adults?
   For adults, swings provide a brilliant abdominal workout along with renewed fun and freedom! Swinging is fun with some surprisingly serious benefits.  

     How high should I hang my porch swing seat?
   The bottom of the swing seat should be about 17 to 19 inches above the floor of the porch for ideal comfort.

How much space do I need for a porch swing?
  For clearance, make sure there is between 2 to 1/2 feet to 4 feet of space behind the swing seat. Leave 1 to 2 feet on each side of the swing so you can put a small table at each end.

    How long is a porch swing?
  The length of a porch seat depends on the number of people it can accommodate. A standard two-person outdoor patio swing is between 4 feet and a little over 5 feet in length, depending on the style. 

 You'll find the following lengths:

     Single seat:24 in. Wide

Two to three seats:approximately 48 to 60 in. Width
     Four-seater:72 inches. Wide or outdoor swing bed, just like a suspended mattress
     Always check the weight limits of suspended and freestanding swings, too. Weight limits vary by style, but if you are not the only person using the swing, consider using a larger weight limit.


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We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.

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  • Add a touch of classic aristocracy to your home with a porch swing from the makers of YMOUTDOOR. Polywood Bench Hammock Porch Swing Chair is made of durable fsc certified POLYWOOD and can support two people, or 450 pounds There's a factory wholesale sale price. This wooden porch swing has been used outdoors for a long time and has a comfortable contoured seat. ymy outdoor porch swing is available in a variety of colors - white and brown. To clean, wipe with a warm, damp cloth and air dry. This hanging wooden porch swing will add a beautiful accent to your front porch for almost any season!

  • YMOUTDOOR manufacturer outdoor 2 Person Seat Rattan Egg Swing Chair has a folding feature for easy storage fit 2 people to enjoy the outdoor time together with Factory Price. The rattan egg chair is manufactured using a premium PE wicker with a steel frame for supreme longevity. The flooring egg chair with the stand is an excellent addition to any setup for all weathers, such as the any space outside, a backyard patio, deck, in a sun-room or garden, or near a pool, or outdoor Bar.

  • A perfect way to relax in the afternoon without worrying about mosquitos by YMOUTDOOR manufacturer Outdoor Patio Hanging Swing Hammock. Hanging Fabric Hammock with Mosquito Net includes side-wall mosquito netting to keep those pesky bugs out of your hair for sale at affordable price, excellent service and technical support. The hammock contains a durable polyester roof that is weather-resistant and solution-dyed to ensure you stay dry during any kind of inclement weather. This outdoor hammock attaches to a powder-coated, rust-resistant bronze steel frame that supports up to 400 pounds and lifts you off the ground in style. Back support, a unique rocking design, and a padded headrest add extra comfort.

  • YMOUTDOOR manufacturer Outdoor Lounge Bed Swing with Canopy is perfect for socializing with friends or enjoying a fun swing with family. Made of a steel frame, Outdoor Lounge Hammock Porch Swing is very sturdy and durable with Factory Price. A durable steel frame supports the weight of up to 550 lbs. With a removable and adjustable canopy. The canopy design for sunshade and rain protection protects against UV rays, the adjustable canopy on top provided ample shade coverage against the sun all day. Spacious space with thickened cushions gives you a more soft awesome seating experience. Perfect for porch, patio, garden, yard, poolside, and other outdoor living space.

  • Enjoy your outdoor living space with this YMOUTDOOR manufacturer wonderful two-person canopy swing. With your loved one or friend can relax and cool off during the hot summer days sitting under the shade. Outdoor 2 Person Canopy Steel Porch Swing seat comes with a cup holder on each side so you can enjoy your favorite drinks as you swing with Factory Price. The curved steel frame is incredibly durable and sturdy enough to support two people comfortably at the same time. The fade and water-resistant canopy with cushioned seats are made of polyester fabric to offer you both shade and comfort.

  • Outdoor porch swing is your best bet for light and durable comfort throughout long summer days and warm winter evenings. YMOUTDOOR manufacturer hammock glider compliments the look of any patio or porch with its crisp, understated color and contemporary design, perfect for encouraging languid conversations with cool drinks in hand with Factory Price. Whether you're looking for a fashionable piece to complete your garden, yard, deck, or pool, 3-Seat Outdoor Patio Porch Swing is a superior swing that looks at home in any environment. With room for three to share, it also maximizes your outdoor space and is certain to be a favorite with your family.

Latest selling Patio Swings is not only newest and advanced, but also durable and easy-maintainable. Yingmin Outdoor is a professional China Patio Swings manufacturer and supplier and we have our own brands. Our high quality Patio Swings is not only cheap, but also have classy, fashion and fancy designs. If you need a lot, you can wholesale product from our factory.
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