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How to tie the hammock knot

1、 How to tie a hammock
(1). If you want to tie the hammock to a tree outdoors, you can first pass the middle end of the hammock through the rope and tie a knot. Next, cross tie the rope to another tree and pass through the circle from the other end, which can tie a dead knot.
(2). The other side can also be operated in this way. You can wrap the rope around the tree a few more times, which will be stronger and will not be loose. Finally, we put an iron hook at the end of the rope and a hammock.
2、 What problems should be paid attention to when tying a hammock
(1). If you want to hit the hammock on the tree, in order not to damage the tree, you need to use a more accurate way. For example, you can wrap the tree belt around the trunk, and the distance between the belt and the belt should be larger, which can effectively disperse the weight. Moreover, it can be adjusted according to the demand, and the hook can be hung on the appropriate buckle, which can ensure very stable and will not damage the big tree.

(2). The selected belt is also very important. We can choose a flat belt design. If we wrap this sling around the tree a few more times, we can effectively share the negative gravity of the human body on the tree root.