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The precaution of using the hammock chair stand

Rainproof(hammock steel stand): when sleeping in the field, prepare a plastic film slightly longer and about two meters wide than the hammock. When it rains, place the film as a "Λ" on the stay wire above the hammock to cover the hammock, which can be well rainproof.

Anti mosquito bite(hammock steel stand): prepare a piece of gauze of appropriate size, place the gauze at one end of the camper's head in the same way as placing the film, and clamp the gauze with the hammock with the clothes drying clip to prevent mosquito bite on the head. The cotton sliver soaked in the poison elixir liquid is wound into a circle and tied to the tether at both ends of the hammock, or the poison elixir is directly sprayed on the upper and lower ends of the tether of the trunk hammock, which can prevent ants, spiders, centipedes and other insects from climbing into the hammock.