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The purchase tips of the patio umbrella(1)

How to choose an good patio umbrella

(patio umbrella)There are three technical means to prevent ultraviolet rays: one is to mix ceramic particles into the fabric during textile to reflect ultraviolet rays and achieve the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays. The second is to use the film lamination technology to attach the UV isolation agent to the fabric without changing the feel and appearance of the fabric itself. However, different fabrics themselves will restrict the UV protection function of this absorber. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor garden umbrella, we can judge its UV protection performance from three aspects.

1. Pay attention to the UV resistance of the fabric fiber itself(patio umbrella)
(patio umbrella)Experiments show that among the untreated fibers, the anti ultraviolet performance of polyester fiber is the best, the benzene ring in the molecular structure of polyester fiber can absorb ultraviolet rays, and the anti ultraviolet performance of nylon in chemical fiber, that is, rayon and rayon in nylon glue, is not as good as that of polyester. Therefore, we should try to choose the anti ultraviolet sunshade with polyester fiber as the raw material.