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Metal Rectangular Dining Table Use And Care Guide


          Metal Rectangular Dining Table Use And Care Guide

When it comes to relaxing and enjoying your time outdoors, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable while you eat lunch, read a book or take a nap. 

That's why we created this unforgettable gorgeous patio outdoor dining table, they provide the perfect setting to share a cocktail, watch the sun go 

down, or chat with friends.


Safety Information
DANGER:Do not allow children to play with plastic packaging
or small parts to prevent potential snagging hazards.
CAUTION:Read all instructions before assembly.
Failure to do so may result in incorrect assembly and potential injury!

Tighten each bolt. Do not fully tighten screws until all screws are started.
Some parts may have sharp edges. Wear protective gloves if necessary.
Children under the age of 16 should not be involved in the assembly, disassembly or disassembly of the product. Under
Use of this furniture should be supervised by a competent adult.
Keep children away from the assembly area during the assembly process.
This set is heavy and may require two adults for safe assembly.
Never use this product as a support. Do not shake, lean on or climb on the product at any time.

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                                            Assembly Steps





                                    Cleaning And Maintenance

Clean the furniture with a damp cloth and rinse thoroughly. Dry frame parts completely. Do not use bleach, acids or
wicker or other solvents on metal parts.
We recommend using a furniture cover to protect the product when not in use.
Check and tighten all screws regularly to ensure performance and safety.
To prolong the life and beauty of your table, we recommend storing it in a dry and protected place during the off-season.

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