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Folding Adirondack Chair Assembly Instructions


 Folding Adirondack Chair Assembly Instructions

We put quality, longevity, and customer satisfaction before anything else. This is evidenced by our industry-leading design philosophy, material sourcing and quality assurance methods, best-in-class guarantees and commitment to workmanship, and even our ever-widening range of order options available to you.

When you're purchase our outdoor furniture, you're buying quality. We focus on quality and decorate your outdoor life with high quality products. YMOUTDOOR  suppliers HDPE lumber is superior to both wood and plastic materials, and it’s perfect for your outdoor furniture. Our lumber is completely weather-resistant, and unlike wood, it won’t crack or rot. Its density and Color-Stay Technology also make it superior to plastic as it won’t fade or split in the sun. spending time with your family & friends, This Adirondack chair offers comfort and style for any experience. Please strictly follow the installation procedure to enjoy the complete product .

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A SEAT  1PC                                                                                 B BACKREST 1PC  

B ARMREST - LEFT 1PC                                                                                   D ARMREST - RIGHT 1PC

E FRONT LEG - LEFT    1PC                                                                   F FRONT LEG - RIGHT 1PC  

G FRONT BRACE   1PC                                                              H SEAT BRACE  1PC  


1.6" SCREW    4PCS                                                             2.6" CARRIAGE BOLT     4PCS

1.97" CARRIAGE BOLT   4PCS                                  1.6" BOLT         2PCS

3.3" CARRIAGE BOLT                       2PCS

LOCK NUT       10PCS                                                                           WASHER          10PCS              


Attach armrest to leg using 2.6" carriage bolt, Install washer then nut. Attach leg to seat using 2.6" carriage bolt, Install washer then nut. 

Do not overtighten. Repeat for other side. Insert the stainless steel pins(”A”),Pins can be removed for folding, Pull out the pins when need to fold the chair.


Attach the glider piece to seat using 2.6" carriage bolt, Install washer then nut,Do not overtighten it. Attach brace between the seat using 1.6" bolt.


Hold the backrest in place and install 1.97" carriage bolt through pivot Do not over tighten.“ A”. Raise arm rest into position and install bolt into predrilled holes. 

A Then install washer and nuts. Repeat for other side. Hold the backrest in place and install 1.97" carriage bolt through pivot Do not over tighten. 

Be sure to line up the pre drilled holes in the backrest and armrest assembly. “ B” install 3.3" carriage bolt.

Repeat for other side.

Then install washer and nuts.

Do not over tighten.


Install the front brace, Then install 1.6" screw using the Phillips screwdrive to fasten.

Final product folds up for storage.

Are Adirondack chairs comfortable
Adirondack chairs are optimized to provide ergonomic comfort. Therefore, the backs of the chairs are steep and angled. Combined with spacious armrests and a deep, angled seat, one of these is certain to become the new favorite patio chair that everyone will want to enjoy.

The Adirondack chair is resistant
We design and build our products to last for generations, not just for a couple of years. Regardless of the type of wood or alternative materials used in the construction of your Adirondack chair of choice, rest assured that it will weather everything from downpours to wicked winds with ease. By reapplying stain or adding a lick of paint in the years to come, you can further extend the lifespan of your purchase.

How do you clean an Adirondack chair
Adirondack chairs can generally be cleaned with soap and water. It’s best to do this once every week or so to ensure your outdoor furniture looks as good as new. 

How the Adirondack chair weighs?
The approximate weight capacity limit will vary depending on the type of Adirondack chair you decide to order. Our Folding Classic Adirondack Chair products, for instance, can support up to 300 pounds. 

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