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Inflatable ottoman Assembly Instructions


Inflatable ottoman Assembly Instructions

outdoor customized Inflatable ottoman by YMOUTDOOR. Crafted in a highly durable can customize outdoor performance fabric with cheerful multi-color pattern, the YMUTDOOR round pouf features a side handle, white double piping, and zipper access to quickly inflate or deflate for storage. Perfect for lounging and easily presses into service as handy extra seating or a side table at parties. Add a welcome pop of color and modern style to your garden patio decor.Please read the installation instructions to prevent improper operation.

Body liner

  • Be careful not to use sharp objects: Open the package containing the cover and the inflatable
    liner. Unfold the cover

  • Place the inflatable liner into the cover.

Open the cap of the valve.  Choose a suitable adaptor that 
will fit your pump and the valve.  Insert and push the adaptor to 
transparent valve to inflate.

Close the cap of the valve tightly to ensure no air leakage and
zip the cover.

Turn over the ottoman.

  •                                                                Please pay attention to the deflating and inflating operations:                                                                         

 Open the cap of the valve. Pull the valve to release the air

Close the cap of the valve.

Matters need attention

Make sure you are centered when sitting on your ottoman. If it feels unstable, let out a small amount of air until it feels comfortable.
 In order to prolong the life of ottoman, do not leave it in direct sunlight / moonlight when not in use. Make sure deflate the ottoman if not in use for
an extended period of time and store it in a dry place. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and chemicals will eventually accelerate the natural and
irreversible discoloration of the cover.
Children must be accompanied by adults to use the product.

Daily furniture care operation

synthetic wicker allows color retention after
hours of outdoor use. Hose off outdoors for
easy cleaning. Wipe up minor spills with a mild
soap and damp cloth.
CUSHIONS: CLEANING - Wipe up minor
spills with a mild soap and damp cloth.
soap and water or glass cleansers. Do not use
abrasive materials or cleansers.
PLASTICS: CLEANING - Wipe up minor spills
with a mild soap and damp cloth.
harsh abrasive cleansers on any of these
products. For daily maintenance, use a wet
cloth and a soft liquid cleaner.
MAINTENANCE - Store in a dry area out of
the elements, or cover with furniture covers
when not in use.

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