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Pop Up Dome Tent Instant Camping Tent Folding Instrustion


Pop Up Dome Tent Instant Camping Tent folding instrustion

No matter where you travel and what environment you encounter. For serving camping lover better, YMOUTDOOR produces the instant Pop up tent can provide you with what you need, it has the best comfort and gives you a sense of security. 10 Second Setup tent to help our customers set up the tent in a very short time and save the time to do something else.

Stand on the door-side of the tent.Pick up the sidest edge of the tent which should be on the floor. 

Collect all the outer edges in a row and hold the tent in the shape of a taco

Hold the tent in the shape of a taco.

Lift up the tent and turn over to let the folded tent standing on the short side and keep up straight.

Take the top side of the taco (the uppermost point of the taco, the end you would first take a bite fromA_A). Bent over to the innnermost of the bottom.

Push it inside of the rest of the tent.

At this point the sides of the taco will naturally fold into each other creating the 3' diameter circle as the original packed size.

I Sort the tent and make the tent shape
round and smooth.

Use the rubber to tie the tent and put it back to the package.

What Is An Instant Tent?
Instant tents are tents that are designed to be set up quickly and easily. The tent set up typically takes less than a minute and instant tents. Instant tents come with pre-attached tent poles which saves you having to loop the tent poles through the fabric loops.

In the market ,Most instant tents, also sometimes known as easy set up tents, are characterised by their telescopic tent poles. These are tent poles that you can extend like a telescope to fully pitch the tent. The set up process is therefore as easy as pie as you just need to lay down the tent, extend the tent poles and peg the tent stakes.

In a nutshell,Pop-up instant tents instead have spring loaded tent poles and a pop up tent is the easiest tent to set up by yourself. As long as the Setup is as simple as taking the tent out of its bag and throwing it on the ground. The springs then force the tent to pop into shape and you simply need to stake the tent. Setup can therefore take just a handful of seconds.


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