BBQ Grill


YMOUTDOOR® Grills down into three basic categories based on their fuel type:


        Charcoal grills            Camping Grills


          Gas Grills                Electric Grills

Regardless of your price range, we will show you grills and smokers that fit your budget.

With years of continuous accumulation, we have a very large number of product molds and our aim is to satisfy our customers with high quality, up-to-date and affordable Outdoor products.

Gas Grills

Most gas grills are designed to run on a portable 20 pound propane tank, but there are also  models that can be hooked up to a home gas line. 

Benefits of a Gas Grill:

Convenience –Gas grills ignite quickly, heat up quickly and are ready to use quickly.
Affordable –Whether propane or natural gas, this fuel type burns efficiently and is typically cheaper to use than charcoal
Easy to Use –With simple control knobs, gas grills allow a wide range of temperatures with control right at your fingertips.
Versatile –Different types of gas grills include different features like side burners, rotisserie kits or outdoor storage to offer the utility to suit your needs.


The most popular variety of gas grills arefreestanding unitsthat usually feature wheels for mobility and access doors/drawers for storage. The classic cart grill is the obvious choice for most grill lovers.
Perfect for building the ultimate outdoor kitchen, mostbuilt-in grillsare a custom grill and provide high end outdoor cooking and entertainment. 

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grillsare a classic, the original design for lovers of outdoor cooking. These grills burn charcoal briquettes, natural hardwood, wood chips or some combination of the three in order to produce the familiar smoky flavor we all love from good BBQ. 

Benefits of a Charcoal Grill

Versatility –With innovations to classic models, charcoal grills offer added versatility for both grilling and smoking.
Natural –Use natural hardwood lump charcoal to ensure a natural cooking process with no additives or chemicals for clean, delicious BBQ.

Electric Grills

Generally compact in design and sleek in appearance, electric grills  run on electricity to provide a high heat, low maintenance alternative to gas and charcoal. Electric grills are great for circumstances where a traditional grill may be difficult or dangerous to use, such as a small space or in high winds.

Portable Camping Grills

These type of grills are super lightweight and portable so they can be fold down and worn inside a regular backpack. Perfect for outdoor camping activities. Camping grills are the variations of portable charcoal grills.


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  • This charcoal barbecue grill comes with folding legs for easy portability and compact size, ideal for picnic barbecues in parks, beaches and patios. Charcoal BBQ grill has a steel base. The charcoal grill comes with a chrome-plated warming rack and a chrome-plated cooking grill to keep grilled food warm. The camping grill grid is height adjustable and easy to use. The BBQ grill grid is easy to carry and store, so you can enjoy the benefits of grilling anytime, anywhere. The storage bag is made of canvas, wear-resistant, and the carrying handle is designed for easy outdoor carrying. The camping stove body is made of excellent material with vents on both sides for charcoal and wood to burn fully. Portable firewood camping grill/stove/fire pit, easy to assemble. Very convenient for BBQ, camping, beach, RV camping and other outdoor occasions.

  • This is a small outdoor portable camping grill, lightweight, easy to carry and fit in your travel bag when disassembled. Solve the problem of fire making and simple cooking, when hiking or camping, you can not only use wood, branches, leaves or twigs as a fuel source,or you can put a kettle on the wood stov to boil water, so this camping grill makes camping activities more convenient. Folding grill camping stove has a quick-release assembly design that can be assembled by simply combining 4 pieces of stainless steel together. This makes camping much easier.

  • We are the factory supplier of bbq. Multi-Function folding bonfire stand is a hot seller - grill BBQ. The grill BBQ is made of high quality material and is not easily damaged. Versatile, this grill BBQ is ideal for outdoor grilling as well as the kitchen. Most importantly, the grill BBQ is easy to use and easy to clean.

  • This grill from YMOUTDOOR® features a spherical design and is made of durable steel, this grill is sturdy in construction, rust resistant and will give you years of reliable use.YMOUTDOOR® is a professional manufacturer and supplier of patio pergola shelte outdoor furniture in China sold at factory wholesale prices. Equipped with additional compensating smoke is designed to reduce smoking and compensate for heat. The front shelf and the bottom shelf can be used to hold food and tools. This is a practical and stylish grill that will help you enjoy outdoor cooking with family and friends. Outdoor BBQ charcoal grill also has wheels on the bottom for transportation when needed. The additional steel firebox helps reduce smoking and counteracts heat for a more comfortable cooking environment. Bring on the meat and vegetables with the outdoor grill charcoal grill pit meat stove smoke.YMOUTDOOR® look forward to being your long term partner.

  • Portable Burning Charcoal Camping Grill is ideal for barbecues in the park, at the lake or on the balcony, picnics, holidays and excursions, camping and etc. Now the YMOUTDOOR® for sale at low price,excellent service and technical supportLarge grilling mesh is large enough to hold as much as food, convenient and easy to clean. New design folding grill can be folded into small size and be taken anywhere you need, Used for saving more transportation and storage space is popular used in outdoor camping. ISO Standard.Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel structure, it is resistant to deformation, corrosion, rust, etc. Openings on the sides, the grill is heated faster and the grilling can begin quickly. The openings on the sides also serve as a grip area for moving and positioning the grill.

  • Easily collapsible and lightweight, this camping wood BBQ stove comes with its own carry bag so you can sling camping wood burning stove along and serve up a warm piping meal wherever you’ve set up camp. Cook a meal using the twigs, leaves, pinecones and wood or solidified alcohol. Without ash plate, Campfire Stove also can be used as the stand for fuel stove

Latest selling BBQ Grill is not only newest and advanced, but also durable and easy-maintainable. Yingmin Outdoor is a professional China BBQ Grill manufacturer and supplier and we have our own brands. Our high quality BBQ Grill is not only cheap, but also have classy, fashion and fancy designs. If you need a lot, you can wholesale product from our factory.
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