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Enjoy your leisure time


Many friends are asking, what do you think of camping to experience nature?  
In fact, different ways of camping, feelings are not exactly the same, but no matter what kind of camping, are to 

walk into nature, live in nature to see the scenery, listen to the sound of nature, and feel completely different from 

the city life, among which, tent camping, Enjoy your leisure time feel the most, the most feeling:  

1. Walking into nature and living in nature brings a fresh feeling different from city life:  
Many friends say: "camping is only 0 times and N times", that is, once camping will never stop meaning.  Enjoy your 

leisure time
But no matter where I have been, no matter how many times I have attended, the most unforgettable camping trip 

is the first one. The feeling of anticipation and trepidation for camping remains unforgettable to this day.  I am looking

forward to it because I just bought a new tent and have a fresh feeling of camping outdoors. However, I am worried 

that there will be only three or five friends who set out together in the whole camp and only three or four tents for the

whole camp.  
Of course, when I arrived at the campsite, I realized that I had thought too much:Enjoy your leisure time the campsite 

had already been covered with many colorful tents, and I found that we were not the only ones who liked a different life

in the world. Enjoy your leisure time After camping, I also realized that the world could also play like this!  The most 

important thing is that lying in the tent, you can see the stars in the sky that you can't see in the city, and you can watch

the sunrise and sunset lying down, which is really a greatfeeling;  

2. Camping shortens the distance between people and nature, and also shortens the distance between campers 

and each other, making people have a kind of warm feeling:  
Now,Enjoy your leisure time in addition to work to sleep, the vast majority of people are watching mobile phone,

look at the computer, digital vision and weight also more and more big, so the weekend or the rest of the day, 

with family or friends together, go to the grassland, go to the lake or go to the forest, hold a few tents, a fire 

of coals frame, boil tea barbecue, drink beer, chat, play chess, fly a kite,  It's a great experience to lie in a tent

and watch the clouds roll around, and many campsites don't have good reception or even Internet access. It's a

great way to get away from your phone and feel closer to each other.