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Great Outdoor Fireplace


Great outdoor fireplace

OEM Fire Pit Outdoor Double Wall Smokeless Wood Burning Metal Bonfire Fire Pit Outdoor Stainless Steel Fire Pit Portable Wood Burning Smokeless Fire Pit Portable Combined Type Bonfire Fire Pit

 Folding stainless steel wood stove is more convenient to carry, spacious chamber without continuous addition of firewood that can be continuously burned, double shell design of the second natural oxygen supply combustion is more thorough, almost smoke-free combustion is more environmentally friendly and safer to use. Outdoor wood burning firepit is more convenient to collect materials in the field, dead branches and leaves, wood, wood chips and charcoal can be used as fuel, burning thoroughly, almost only a small amount of white ash, more convenient to deal with. High-grade stainless steel plate carefully crafted, beautiful and generous not rust, field and yard use are good.

Great outdoor fireplace

Material: 304 Stainless steel

External diameter: 360mm

Height: 400mm

Double frame design.

Natural ventilation, smokeless.

Packaging: 1pc/carton

Package size: 450*450*400mm

Quantity: 420pcs/20GP   1015pcs/40HQ

Great outdoor fireplace


1.Lightweight and durable. Made from premium food grade stainless steel, for use with charcoal and wood .

2.Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble .

3.Perfect for camping, backpacking, picnics, tailgate parties, camping, trailers,parks, and grilling in small spaces.

Cleverly positioned holes in the double-wall construction draw air from the bottom and deliver heated oxygen to the top. This creates a blast of hot air over the fire, reducing smoke without the need for batteries or fans.The camping stove strategically has holes in the double-wall construction to maximize airflow from the bottom, providing heated oxygen to the top, generating hot air over the fire while reducing smoke without the need for batteries and fans in the fireplace.

Signature Airflow

Ranger eliminates smoke to create an even hotter flame.Get the most efficient burn possible with 360° Signature Airflow Technology. Rising hot air is pulled through your fire pit’s bottom vent holes and sent to all parts of your fire. Hitting your burn chamber’s upper vent holes, air fans an ultra-hot flame to reduce smoke and effortlessly incinerate your logs to ash.

This camping bonfire pit is made of durable stainless steel. Windproof sawtooth cross braces provide a stable platform for your cookware and increase heat contact.Cruciform base protects heat-sensitive surfaces. Enjoy cooking and grilling with the included pot holder. Extra handles ensure easy movement of the fire pit.

Great outdoor fireplace

The fire pit is ideal for outdoor heating or barbecuing on decks, patios, gardens and more. Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere for picnics or camping; you can also grill pork, beef and vegetables to savor the flavor.

                                            How the stove Works?

Great outdoor fireplaceGreat outdoor fireplace
1. Airflow  

   Cool air comes in the bottom vents to feed the fire and enters between the two layers of stainless steel to be heated up. Having cool air come in the bottom vents allows the fire to always plenty of oxygen.

2. Raised Ash Pan

    The ash pan is raised to keep the embers and coals contained and not clog the airflow. It's also elevated to protect the surface below

Great outdoor fireplaceGreat outdoor fireplace

3. Base Plate

   The base plate allows a continuous supply of air to reach the fire while allowing the spent ash to fall into the ash pan. This ensures that no wood goes unburned! Since more oxygen can reach the fuel source, fire wood is burned more efficiently than traditional fire pits

4. Secondary Burn

   This is where the magic happens! The air that enters the double wall warms up and is pushed out over the fire. This creates a second burn that burns off the small particles of wood that would have been smoke. These upper vents also create the unique flame pattern so many customers rave about!

   Less smoke means way more fun -- Soon you'll be finding any excuse to grab some friends or the family and get outside to gather around this fire pit!

This wood fire pit is designed with a unique structure. Space saving, easy to carry and store. Portable wood-burning fire pit can be assembled or disassembled in seconds without any tools. Provide a warm and unforgettable experience for your family, friends and your loved ones.


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