Market Umbrellas

Market Umbrellas

 YMOUTDOOR manufacturer the most popular style of wholesale center pole umbrella with Factory Price. They has a round or octagonal shape with a clean edge . Some canopies are vented to encourage airflow, which cools the area below and helps the umbrella withstand windy conditions.

 With years of continuous accumulation, we have a very large number of product molds and our aim is to satisfy our customers with high quality, up-to-date and affordable Outdoor products.  

Common types of high quality market umbrella:

Beach Umbrella – This type of umbrella tends to have a minimalist style. The canopy usually has a round shape with hanging valances around the edge. Many beach umbrellas utilize a simple spiked base, which is inserted into the sand.
Half Umbrella – This specialized umbrella is constructed with one flat side, which allows it to be placed flush against a wall. It’s perfect for shading balconies or small porches that have confined spaces. Think of it as a portable awning. Canopies are rounded or straight with clean edges, drapes or valances.

  • The common shape of the face of an umbrella:

 Usually ,choosing the shape of your sun umbrella canopy comes down to three-part: the shape of the patio table or space you want to cover; any physical constraints of your outdoor environment; and of course aesthetic preference.

 When the table or the lounging area want to shade is symmetrical, a round (really it’s octagonal or even hexagonal) umbrella is a solid choice. Rounded canopies also complement traditional design styles, while providing an organic feel that helps to create a welcoming ambiance. If you have a lot of surrounding foliage, round canopies may reduce the need to prune additional branches.

 Familiar square canopies are another obvious choice for symmetrical spaces, and provide maximum shade. They tend to enhance contemporary decor styles and create a sleek elegant look. Squared canopies also provide a sense of visual balance when combined with parallel architectural features of your deck or patio.

 A square or fashion rounded umbrella that shades the entire length of a long table can overwhelm the space. Oval or longer tables are often best served by customized rectangular-shaped umbrella canopies. Similarly, lanais and small balconies may require thinner options, because there just physically isn’t enough room for anything else.

What is a market patio umbrella?
   "Market Umbrella" is what most people think of when they picture an outdoor umbrella. It features a center pole and its canopy typically has an octagon or rounded shape. Some canopies include vents to allow airflow to keep the area below cool and help stabilize the umbrella in high winds.

 Classy outdoor patio market umbrellas do block much of the harmful effects of direct ultraviolet rays. Additionally,The large the umbrella, the greater the area of protection. However, the material and color of the canopy impact just how much. 

Here are some main key factors:

1) Weave – The tighter the fabric is woven together, the less UV radiation passes though

2) Color – Dark colors of identical fabric types absorb ultraviolet rays more strongly than their lighter shades, which increases the sun protection

3) Weight – A heavier version of the same fabric will be minimally more protective against UVR

4) Stretch – The greater the stretch or tension put on a textile, the lower the UPF rating

5) Water – Some fabrics, such as polyester and cotton, provide less protection against UVR when they have absorbed water

6) Washing – Cotton-based fabrics tend to shrink after the first washing, thereby tightening the weave and reducing the transmitted ultraviolet radiation

7) Additives – UVR stabilizers or additives can be used to improve the sun protection of a variety of textiles

Need to be aware of indirect UV rays that are reflected off of water, glass and light-color walls.

We have our own rich umbrella fabric color and pattern material, welcome to consult with us, we will recommend the best newest and hottest style to you, please contact the online customer to order it!

What is Center Pole Umbrella?

 Well-known,The defining characteristic of center pole patio umbrellas is the presence of a straight pole that extends from the top of the canopy to a securing base. Center Pole Umbrella may be a single, solid piece or two separate pieces that are joined together. It’s important to note that center pole umbrellas may be stabilized by either a mobile or fixed base. This is the most common style of outdoor umbrella and it has been around for a long time. This type of outdoor umbrella can be effective protection against direct sunlight but reflected or diffuse ultraviolet radiation exposure from the sides diminishes the overall shade protection . YMOUTDOOR China Manufacturer have our own patented umbrella with Factory Price and also support customized services.Within the center pole category, there are a number of variations.


 Ningbo Yingmin Imp.& Exp.Co., are professional manufacturer of durable outdoor products such as hammock standhammocksswing chairpatio umbrellafolding chairchair stand,camping equipment and so on made in china suppliers. We have experienced design and develop team, and we are good at making customized product, we worked with famous brand ENO and made several products successfully,those product are still most popular in the market since we made them.

We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.

How to inquire to YMOUTDOOR for a quote of Market Umbrellas?

YMOUTDOOR is ready to provide our best quality Patio Furniture to all customers around the world.

For 24 hours contact details as below:

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  • Think about how comfortable and relaxing it is when you invite 4-6 good friends, colleagues, or business partners to drink coffee, chat, or talk business under the umbrella together. Whether put 10FT Patio Market Umbrella in the courtyard, garden, or outdoor market, YMOUTDOOR umbrella is the first choice.YMOUTDOOR manufacturer portable patio umbrella with a double top design can effectively resist ultraviolet rays, is ventilated, and has strong stability for sale at affordable price, excellent service and technical support. It is suitable for beaches, markets, porches, terraces, gardens, and other places to protect your skin from high temperatures, allowing you to spend summer comfortably.The patio umbrella can be used in the courtyard, garden, or patio, and other outdoor areas.

  • After a long and cold winter, when you finally regain the outdoor area and invite your friends to barbecue, it is a great time to use the new umbrella.YMOUTDOOR manufacturer outdoor umbrella is an ideal option to create wonderful outdoor time with Factory Price. A solid steel frame makes the umbrella durable and not too heavy when moving it. Comes with a wind vent, 9 FT Patio 8 Ribs Market Umbrella not only adds fashion and elegance to the patio umbrella but good for air circulation. What's more, a garden umbrella will create a delightful atmosphere on a summer day!

  • Though soaking up the sun is one of the best parts of summer, sometimes you just need some shade. YMOUTDOOR manufacturer this design provides two to four people with plenty of shade during sunny days for sale at affordable price, excellent service and technical support.. Cool off the porch or patio with this 6.5' x 6.5' Patio Market Umbrella. A crank lift lets you open and closes the canopy with ease. A stand is not included.

  • Let's have fun in the sun!YMOUTDOOR manufacturer 10ft 3 Tier Auto-tilt Patio Umbrella , sun shade/shelter, and more all in one with Factory Price. 10ft 3 Tier Patio Umbrella blocks the sun's rays throughout the day.Whether you're hosting a barbecue, attending a sporting event or spending a day at the beach, you'll be able to take our umbrella .YMOUTDOOR outdoor patio umbrella can conveniently and flexibly decorate gardens, balconies, swimming pools, barbecue areas and other outdoor venues. YMOUTDOOR 3 Tier Patio Umbrell is easy to carry, durable and practical.

  • Stop the sun from disturbing an alfresco meal with family or simply bring a bit of shade to your poolside seating ensemble. YMOUTDOOR manufacturer is always committed to creating the best outdoor products which can be seen in many places with Factory Price. Designed to live outdoors, 7.5ft 8 Ribs Market Patio Umbrella is constructed from a material with a canopy that doesn't mind UV light shining down or rainstorms rolling through. We source our products straight from our production facility, which ensures our products and cost are the best for you. Expand your living space by moving the indoors outside to create an end-of-the-day oasis that's the perfect spot for entertaining family and friends.

  • YMOUTDOOR manufacturer outdoor rectangle umbrella is an ideal option to create wonderful outdoor time with great shade with Factory Price. YMOUTDOOR are committed to providing customers with better products over the years and we constantly upgrade our products to meet the needs of customers. 10x 6.5FT Lighted Rectangular Market Umbrella gives you instant portable protection from the elements regardless of your activity. 10x 6.5FT Rectangular Market Umbrella is an ideal option to create a wonderful outdoor time with great shade. What's more, a garden umbrella will create a delightful atmosphere on a summer day!

Latest selling Market Umbrellas is not only newest and advanced, but also durable and easy-maintainable. Yingmin Outdoor is a professional China Market Umbrellas manufacturer and supplier and we have our own brands. Our high quality Market Umbrellas is not only cheap, but also have classy, fashion and fancy designs. If you need a lot, you can wholesale product from our factory.
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